Tips for Boyish Hair

Tips on what is the new fashion for boyish hair

Each season, some men’s wardrobe pieces migrate into women’s clothing. The boyfriend jeans, a few seasons ago, had their moment of glory, as well as vests, hats, shirts, ties, tailoring, oxford shoes, among others. However, the boyish tendency is present and yes, it can be adhered even by women who do not give up the femininity. Soon, such androgynous influence for the season also reflects on haircuts, and so the short “johnny” style is on the rise. Here are some boyish hair tips. The peaked or layered hair does not go out of fashion, given the lightness and practicality of the cut. However, short hair stands out and conquers the women, who leave aside the long locks, and then invest in the elegant boyish touch cuts.   For day to day, short hair works as synonymous with elegance, attitude and practicality, in addition to high temperatures refresh. However, many women have long hair with the precept of femininity, so, as you can see, countless celebrities have joined the short ones and proved otherwise.   The length will depend on the personality and personal style of each woman. Many who have long hair are in doubt, for example, if they will like the cut, if this will suit you or if the texture of your wires is ideal for it. Such questions are important and should be answered by a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable professional.

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This is because women who have the square face, exemplifying, must take care that the cut does not accentuate the rigid lines of the face, masculinizing it.Already those that have the cords curly, they need of variations in the cut to maintain its movement.

Still, there are some rules related to what each type of cut can transmit, according to the face shape.Rounded faces incite a behaved image, just as the straight cut imparts determination and strength, while disconnected wires convey energy and dynamism.Layered hair, peaked lines and asymmetrical length are big bets.In fashion shows, soap operas and red carpets around the world, women parade their supercurtos trimmed with razors, with yarn batidinhos and close to the ears, where they create a long cutlet.At the top of the head, however, the tips appear frayed.

The super short, behaved or shabby boyish looks are up. To avoid losing your femininity, opt for the blush and gloss. Just like with the makeup and expressive eyes. For hair, modelers such as mousses, fixative sprays, waxes and ointments are crucial to assist in the variation of hairstyles and finishing, and more: it is imperative that the maintenance of the cut is performed monthly these were the hair tips boyish.