Tips for Assembling a Fashion Look for Carnival

Comfortable, colorful and customized parts should be the darlings

The Carnival is the time to unleash the creativity and out of the closet that piece of clothing that is against. According to Astrid Feat, Kurdish teacher of Fashion Design from Senac University Center, in choosing the look for the days of revelry, the person must prioritize comfort, creativity, sensuality and glamour.


To make the most of the party, the tip is to invest in parts with fluffy modeling in lightweight fabrics such as cotton, with some percentage of spandex for easy body movement. Feet, the best options are flats, sneakers and even slippers.


According to the Professor, customise parts with strategic cutouts, embroideries and applications is an inexpensive option that is Carnival’s face. Another tip to dare the looks is to use different hairstyles, like high and colorful arrangements littered Cokes. “It’s worth appealing to feathers, feathers, flowers and allegories, such as tiaras and small hats”, he adds.


According to Astrid, the way not to fall in the exaggeration is bet on overlays of bikini tops with shorts combined with colored tubing Dresses flats also combine with the Carnival. “A secret is to balance the neckline with the length of the bar and modeling glued to the body,” teaches.


The glamour of the look can stay on the makeup, that may have eyes well delineated and false eyelashes. A touch of glitter in the corner of the eye also increments the composition.