TIP: Ta’ Language Courses in Coffee Break

When the tour goes south it’s nice with verbal skills. Duolingo makes sure that you can learn languages when it suits you.

You probably have before been going South in 30 degree heat, fægtende with both arms and legs, and asked for directions to the Mall. In this situation, would the rest of the family probably want that evening course “Italian for beginners” has not had to be cancelled due to a busy schedule.

Our site will therefore show a free app that in an easy and fun way teaches you language and which can be used when you have time. The app Duolingo is available for both Android and iOS.

Today shows we process from Android.

Let’s get started
Get started by downloading the app from Google Duolingo Play here.

You will now be greeted by a number of welcome messages, where the last example looks like this.

Duolingo can be created with “Create account” or via Google and Facebook.

We press “Create account”, and must now choose the language in which we would like to learn. Today we choose Spanish.

Udyld now with mail boxes, username, password, and picture. The latter is optional.

Are you a beginner or intermediate?
You are now in the app, and can see the Spanish flag at the top right of the screen. This is so oversigteten over your current course, which you can peruse.

At the top it appears in English, that you need to start with the “Basics” If you are a beginner and otherwise, there is the opportunity to take short cuts further down the screen.

We print “Basics 1”, and will now be greeted with the window of the three-part course that can be initiated via the button “START”.

Note: the top right button “TEST OUT”. It is used as a sample to see if you can remember what you have learned. Then you have not completely “green” yet, you can of course experiment of with a little test.

Since I don’t have any kind of Spanish proficiency, I therefore choose “START”.

Duolingo-very educational
The actual tasks in Duolingo are easy and manageable. The questions come in English, but there are no legs in to figure out what app ber’ you about.

By each answer, via the button “CHECK” to see if you are on the right track. Should you have a mistake, will of course tell the app what you do wrong.

In addition, you skip forward to next question by pressing “CONTINUE”.

The chic at the app Duolingo is that you can take a lesson when it suits you and come back when the time arises. Duolingo is user friendly, free and available at the time of writing for both Android and iOS.