Tip: Gunpowder and Firecrackers on the Phone

It can be difficult to know what rockets that are worth spending money on for this year’s new year’s bang. This app is the solution.

When I was a boy, my father took the credit for the neighbor’s huge rocket, by sending a small parachute rocket blast off at the same time.

The next generation is now ready to be taken for a ride, but nevertheless the market for bombs, witch-like howl and jumping jacks be hard for you to understand.

That is why our site put together a small guide on how you form the overview in comfort with the app “Fireworks” from thansen, and prepares the purchase from home.

Get started by downloading the app “Fireworks” for iOS here or for Android here. At the time of writing are unfortunately not app for Windows Phone.

There is no difference in the user interface between the 2 systems, so let’s just get started.

At the bottom of the app you’ll be able to see 5 buttons, which are used to navigate the app with.

In this guide we will hold ourselves to the 2 furthest to the left, respectively “Catalog” and “Lists”.

Preview before purchase
The cool thing about the app is that you can see small videos and pictures of the fireworks which are thansen offers.

There will also be additional information to download when you click around in the Committee.

You will find something that has interest, it can be thrown over in the shopping list, by tapping on the price, which is marked in blue. Obtained a 1 on the “Lists” button at the bottom of the app.

Now you can “Act” on, and fill it in the shopping list you want.

Press the button “Lists” in the bottom of the app, when you are ready to save the order.

Then press the “Exit list”

Now you can (optional) enter your email, and get the so-called “purchase number” sent there.

Select the store you wish to pick up your items in, and exit by pressing the button “Exit list” at the top right corner.

Now the app will display the “purchase number” which you must use in the store. The idea is that you show the clerk your number, and then finds he/she the order to you.

Please note that thansen “handle to the daily rates and that they cannot guarantee that the store has all of the items in stock”.

The app also features also on advice and facts about Fireworks, which one cannot get enough of, so here is just to be desired good shopping spree! …