Tip: Answer the Call on Your iPhone without “Lifting Pipe”

When your iPhone rings while rummaging for coins at the checkout in the Net, you can quickly answer the call. Completely without words.

Last week, we were assured of sleep, even with the iPhone lying on the bedside table.

This week gives our site another tip for you who do not want to be disturbed.

When your iPhone rings, and you are preoccupied with more important matters, it would be nice to get the phone to keep quiet.

It found that old advice: If you get a call and you press once on the sleep/wake button (on top of the iPhone) so calling your phone on, but silently and without vibration.

If you instead press twice on the sleep/wake button then put that on, and the person on the other end will hear on the tone that you are busy.

The above is a nice feature, but at times inadequate. This is precisely why Apple, enhanced functionalities for the phone part.

When you receive a call will 2 buttons respectively with “remind me” or “Message” text appear. Both buttons disconnects the incoming call, and then gives the following opportunities:

Press the “remind me” as a menu with the options “About 1 hour”, “when I go” or “When I get home”.

“About 1 hour” button puts a reminder into the phone that reminds you to call that person up when 1 hour is gone.

“When I go”-button sets a location fences up around your current location. So when you leave the place where you is, iPhone will remind you of the call.

“When I get home”-button sets a location fences up around your home address, which means that your iPhone reminds you about the call when you get home.

Hit you instead “Message”, then there are miscellaneous sms reply options up, as you choose to answer the call with the person who is calling. That is to say, that you have written a message with lightning speed, for example, “I’ll call you later” or “I call you back in a moment”.

These answers can also be customized, see:

-Reply with message.