Tim Cook Signed Mobile Iphones

Apple’s iPhones are now for the first time at the world’s most powerful customer provider China Mobile available. Due to the release of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at the mobile phone company Apple’s CEO Tim Cook traveled to China and surprised the first buyers with signed iPhones. Furthermore, the Apple CEO announced that in the future other products of his company China Mobile could be offered.

After months of negotiations with China Mobile has succeeded at last Apple end of 2013, to cooperate with the largest partner in Asia. Thus, the Californian IT group now reaches more than 760 million customers of the provider China Mobile. Now, the market launch of the latest iPhone the mobile service provider was completed, whereby this Chariman XI Guohua celebrated together with Tim Cook to the customers. The two signed some packaging of the Apple Smartphone and so surprised with a gesture that one would not have expected previously.

Apple manages the successful step into the Chinese market?

The deal with China Mobile is very likely that Apple can finally establish itself in the important Chinese smartphone market. Now wait however, whether consumers in China are really willing to pay high prices for the iPhone. Mobile, considered the first customer queues in front of the stores by China but Apple can hope for positive results in China.

Not only Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is convinced of the cooperation with China Mobile. Also, XI Guohua, Chairman of China Mobile, confirmed this and announced to launch that Apple’s smartphones are loved by millions of people all over the world. Now the customers from China would be mobile in a position finally, to be able to buy the iPhone with a contract with the provider. At the same time to the launch of the Apple smartphones, China Mobile established also the new 4 G LTE network, which allows high speed mobile communications.