Tie Clips of Short Portrait

Some time ago since the last short portrait here at Maenner-Style.de was at the start. It is time that changes. Today’s short portrait is dedicated to a Hamburg start-up, which specializes in the production of high-quality flies. The special thing about the flies are completely made in Germany!

Adam Bows-The Story Of Julian Schramm And Tobias Adam

Behind Adam Bows stand the two founders Julian Schramm and Tobias Adam. And as with any good start-up story, it was not that the two had just briefly set up a business plan to get started with a start-up for flies, as this first came to your mind. No, the idea for Adam Bows is based on a story from their common everyday life. Here at Allpubliclibraries you can get more different models and styles.

The question was where Tobias got a decent, stylish fly for his wedding last year. Not this 08/15, mass-produced standard copies.Julian’s brother-in-law also went to the search, but they did not really want to find one.

The two went on a long-lasting search in real and virtual shopping worlds, which however was not successful. So the two had to quickly recognize the kind of fly they were looking for, so they did not exist at all. But giving up was not an option. A fly had to come, and if you do not find something you want so much, you have to do it yourself – Do It Yourself!

This was the decisive point, that both the thought and the dream began to mature into a separate manufactory. With knowledge of design and tailoring, Julian and Tobias went to work. But before the first fly could be worn, it was necessary to work on its own patterns every month, to sew several prototypes and to design a suitable package.

Adam Bows-100% Handmade At The Waterkant

Now they have been producing their first collection for several weeks and distribute it through their online shop our site. The special thing about Adam Bows flies is surely the fact that all steps from the cutting of the fabrics, to the sewing of the fly to the folding and stamping of the packaging and hangtags take place in pure manual work and exclusively in their Hamburg manufactory 100% Handmade at the waterkant so to speak!

In the case of raw materials, one also places emphasis on the use on natural and renewable raw materials. Thus, all flies are made of linen, cotton, etc. Synthetic fibers or animal materials such as silk are not used by Adam Bows. This is where vegans can also shop without hesitation.

In the case of the fly, however, the idea of ​​sustainability does not yet end. Julian and Tobias also attach great importance to sustainability in packaging, so their cardboard boxes are 100% recycled recycled paper. Even folded, stippled and stamped, they are just as individual pieces as their flies.

In addition to Butterfly flies to the stable self-ties, which are delivered as a service for the customers already pre-bound and can be created by a back closure on the same can be applied, Adam Bows also has kids flies in the assortment. The father and his junior can thus appear in the partner look for the next celebration. Other flying forms like Batwing and Diamond Point as well as Einstecktuch will follow in the coming months. A start-up which you should keep in mind. Gladly also on their Facebook page.