Think about When It Comes to Adding Color to Home?

We are always thinking of changing a home environment or renovating that little corner with a special touch. At that time, the secret is not to be afraid to play with colors so that the result is even more incredible. So that the environment does not lose the balance, however, it is essential to think about the power and the influence that the colors have on our day to day and how to combine them properly.

Start by letting go of the imagination. Think of the colors you want to use, separate your favorite shades… Personal touch is one of the most important parts when it comes to decorating. But it’s not all: you have to know how to measure these tastes and balance them in the environment. For this, in addition to checking if the tones you thought fit together, if they are trends and you will find in the stores or you will have more work ordering the pieces, you can also use chromotherapy, which is the practice of healing through colors.

Vibrant colors are high, for example, and give life to space. But if you mix several of them at once, the space ends up charged. If you want a multi-tone environment, for example, use only a vibrant tone to dominate the scene and capriche in the colorful details.

To play with strong tones, you can switch between walls, for example: two room faces in vibrant, two neutral colors. When all the walls are very colorful, the tendency is to leave people on alert, nervous. It is difficult to relax.

Anyone who is afraid to dare and put a vermilion on the wall soon can also transfer the color dots to the objects. Small pampering like sink accessories and shelves, in the case of the bathroom; colorful spices on the kitchen shelves, fun bedding, colorful curtains, wall stickers, cushions, photo panels and memorabilia in bedrooms decoration. You can also choose a color only in a white environment and buy all the details of that color. And messing with these details is even simpler and more economical than a makeover-so you can change them even more often!

To give sophistication to the environment, bet on the mix between colors and textures. Tiles, inserts or wallpapers help a lot in the mission.

Do not forget that you need details that you can handle well! Thus, you will not tire quickly from space. And if you need help finding the meaning of each color in the decor, there are websites that can help you.