Thigh High Boots in Everyday Life

Everyday Fashion: Thigh High Boots

If there is a piece of clothing, I love hot and intimately and would prefer daily wear, then there are my thigh high boots. In the fall, I dig out the boxes with the boots full of anticipation. I call my own seven pairs of Over knees. After I is equal to three times fell at a major Spanish chain in terms of quality and comfort on the nose, I landed at the mark NR Rapisardi. Discovered I had the boots with Yasmin and had to just buy them. It was now two years ago and since then I’m a huge fan. The boots are incredibly comfortable, beautiful and durable. I wear them almost every day and although they really undergo a hardness test, they are all still intact. Thumbs up.

In everyday life, can be wonderfully combined boots thigh high. Whether with jeans or dress, she actually always work and give that extra each look.

Last week, I opted for a relaxed look in blue. A striped basic dress from H & M, along with my gorgeous, cuddly and over sized Cardigan which I’ve got Second-Hand in the summer for 8 euros and my poncho from Orsay. My bright over knee boots, the look is finished.

Have You Dared to Approach You Ever on Thigh High Boots?
And How do You Like This Everyday Look?

Poncho of Orsay

Cardigan second hand
Dress from H & M {similar to }
Boots by Zalando