The Unknown Brazil Flag with the Red Star

In the novel “1889-As a tired, a vain Emperor and a downtrodden professor contributed to the end of the monarchy and the proclamation of the Republic in Brazil”, the journalist Laurentino Gomes brings up the story of a brazilian flag practically unknown. In addition to the symbol of the monarchy, she stamped a red star.

The fact happened on 17 November 1889, two days after the fall of the Emperor Dom Pedro II. At the time, the Cruiser Almirante Barroso, Brazilian Navy, on an expedition which provided around the world in less than two years, was docked in the port of Colombo, the capital of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). he Commander Custódio José de Melo received a telegram notifying him of the proclamation of the Republic and of the procedures to be adopted in relation to the imperial flag hoisted on the vessel via The information was clear: the Crown on her drawn should be replaced by a red star until the new Republican flag was handed over to the crew, which, according to the expert James Joseph Berg, only 5 months later, on 8 April 1890.

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But why a red star? Because at the time this was a symbol with meaning quite different from the current one. If today the star is often associated with the Russian Revolution (1917),the Communist regimes of the 20th century or, in the case of Brazil, the workers ‘ Party, at that time she was a Republican representation. The color red won this sense after the Paris Commune, resembling the traditional color of the Phrygian cap, typical Hat used by the French revolutionaries of 1789. In Brazil, the Red Star had already been used by the leaders of the Bahian Conjuration, in 1798, a Republican movement suppressed by the Crown of Portugal, the metropolis of Brazil at that time.