The Style of The Tribes

Much of what we put on today’s influence of various tribes and musical movements that permeated the pop scene in the second half of the 20th century. One of the first moves of this type is that of the rockabillys, whose name comes from the amalgamation of the words rock and hillbilly, the latter was the way it was assigned to country music in the years 50, but the truth is that the musical part of this style had several influences, including jazz and blues.

Even with exponents such as Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis, this musical genre has lost strength in the late 60, probably by the arrival of the hippie and punk movements, in addition to the scenario created by the Vietnam war and the departure of the man on the Moon, pointing to global changes and a technological future, far from the simplicity of rockabilly.

In the years 80 the rockabilly came back to draw attention thanks to films such as Rock Beast, telling the story of the icon Jerry Lee Lewis and La Bamba, Ritchie Vallens biography. In Brazil the two works have made huge success, generating a countless number of nightclubs that specialize in the style and even the life of bands – as was the case with the Stray Cats-for shows in the country at the end of the Decade.

If you have any sympathy for jeans with turn-ups, suspenders, plaid shirts, leather jackets and t-shirts, let me tell you, this is practically a uniform for people adopting this style. The topetões that were displayed by the boys, the visual pin-up girls and the retro-themed tattoos such as roses and skulls also has everything to do with the rockabillys, and if the word hipster came to your head, you are correct.

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Unlike the hippies that has defined ideologies, the rockabilly is more of a lifestyle, where the grease, the big cars fins and music occupy a fundamental space, yet at the end of the 50 won fans across the Atlantic, the British known as chic styles (website:, which went on to be the embryo of the punk movement but that’s another story…