The Story of Cabbdesign Fashion

You can also do business with friends! The history of Cabbdesign brand proves it. Here’s what they tell us of their adventure 5 entrepreneurs and women at the top!
What make five friends with the common dream to create something of their own and with the passion for design? Founded a brand. Thus was born in January Cabbdesign, fashion brand that believes in the network of partnerships and craftsmanship. And that, above all, believe in friendship as a winning factor in doing business. The creativity and ideas shared Viola, Laura, Alessandra, Marina and Lorenza have created a collection of handbags, travel bags and colorful accessories made from the cloth of the sail. Today collection is the core business of cabbdesign. After all in a land such as Liguria, where it all started, the sea is at the heart and ideas travel with the wind in its sails!

Why did you decide to create your own brand? 
The idea of doing business together, the five of us friends from university days, was born more than three years ago. All with a job and a family, we have expressed the desire to create something new and unique, combining our professional experience, energy and ideas. Thus was born, after a year of meetings and discussions the commerce site of the original products, related to the world of furniture and fashion, designed by architect Lorenza Baldi and by fashion designer Laura Baldi and made ​​by Italian laboratories. After a year, in the wake of the success of the in sailcloth bags, was launched collection of cabbdesign brand, which offers a whole line of fashion handbags, travel bags and accessories made ​​with sailcloth boats. It was immediately a success, fashion is a woman!

What is your latest creation?
The latest creation collection line is the bag Palmaria shocking pink, which will be worth launched the “summer pink party” to Monterosso in the Cinque Terre, Saturday, June 6. Our bags have a unique design, which recalls the fashion style and the combination of colors, at the same time thanks to the technical fabric, are very comfortable, lightweight, to be worn all day and on all occasions. The bags are not seasonal, cool in summer and winter waterproof. For the new season we have a lot of surprises, new models and new colors.

One word to describe each of you 
Sani Marina, volcanic. Laura Baldi, creative. Viola Agnes, safe. Lorenza Baldi, curious. Alessandra Cillerai, PR!

What was the greatest satisfaction 
There are many satisfactions since he was born cabbdesign today. Two above all: to see so many women they love, they buy them coming back for our bags and the fact, not obvious, they are still good friends, to work there!

The beautiful and the ugly of working together 
The ugly, when we started two years ago, our friendship could be ruined by any misunderstandings at work or by the difficulties of a new enterprise. This did not happen. Sincerity is important in an employment relationship such as ours, it is important to speak clearly and always find shared solutions. In the worst case we are in five… and you vote! The beauty of working together are the moments when we relax and we do not speak only of work, we laugh a lot together!

What do you do when you realize you’ve made ​​a mistake? 
Let’s fix that, going back on our feet, without being afraid to admit it and changing way, with determination and confidence! We’re adult, strong, we not afraid to make mistakes and change course! Maybe in time we were careful not to do the longer wheelbase of the leg and never falls from above too!

A phrase often used mantra that? 
There’s a phrase we use all, I’d say this is more of a mood.
Working with strength, creativity and humor every day. Come every morning in our office/showroom with a smile, happy to see each other and work together.

Success is … 
The real success we have yet to savor it! After all we have behind only two years of activity and all the way done until now has served to get to today, a beautiful moment! Our brand is beginning to be known, they call us from all parts of Italy to know where to find us, our working well and we have to now eight stores in Italy. We are very satisfied and success will continue like this and maybe open soon our single brand, colorful and much sought after!

How did you bring out the talent of each of you? 
The studies and previous work experience have contributed to the emergence of the necessary skills for the cabbdesign company. Many things we have learned along the way, after all you never stop learning!