The Spaniards, among The Most Willing to Pay for Content Media

How much would you be willing to pay for can to a digital media over the Internet? According to a study done by the University of Oxford for Reuters, a 11% of Spanish has paid to access the news online last year, already either in subscription mode or in lump sum for access to an article.

However, where Spain stands out is in the intention of subscription. United Kingdom, 75% of the respondents acknowledged that it would never pay for access to news on the Internet, regardless of the price that was established. United States (67%) and New Zealand (63%) follow UK within the same category. In Spain, on the other hand, the number of people who you pay no never low up to 59%.

The figure remains high in any case (more than half of the respondents). Another important aspect is that, of all those who are favorable to pay in our country, the average money who are willing to pay is of 10 euros per year. If we talk about other countries, this low amount: less than 5 pounds in United Kingdom and a little more than $8 in the U.S..

How much pay on average per month?

But how much to pay people who is enrolled in any type of media? Here Spain is below the other countries analysed: 5 euros our 10 pounds of the English, Americans $10 or $10 of the Australians. Most popular in our country subscriptions are those that do not exceed 2.50 euros a month, in a trend that, as you can see in the graph, differs enough from other countries such as United Kingdom and United States.