The Small Details Are that You Rise to Victory

Blessed Fashion weeks. How I like to see how the it girls and street stylers from around the world give their best during the last such events! We already know that many of their proposals We could not look them in our day to day, but they are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our working hours and weekend. And today we are taught as the small details can take you to the top.

New York It is the epicenter of fashion today, and there is where you will find more fashionistas by square meter. A good way to draw attention (to right) is bet on a very simple outfit and give prominence to a single garment: the backs of jackets, as well as prints they are a good way.

The mixture of styles, fabrics and paint various items in a single style I like. And there are many girls who have matrícula de honor in this field (and thus we see in the photographs of street style).

Although if I have of Choose the most fabulous detail These first few days of Fashion Week are the boots above the thighs mixed with masculine blazers and female ultra clutch. I love the mixture of styles and Leandra Medine understands that.

With what detail you stay?