The Shoes and Handbags of Gabriel Spaniol

Last week I made a post of #dasruas talking about the opening of Gabriel Spaniol, a brand-new brand of handbags and shoes, male and female, and it’s time to talk a little more about the brand. Gabriel is the son of the owner of Carmen Steffens and for years led the expansion of the brand family for 16 countries, until I felt the urge to create your own brand, with cosmopolitan design and super linked the arts.

In fact everything involving the brand has high artistic content: at the launch of the brand they lapped the short film La Bonne Nuit Rouge, which tells the story of the arrival of the first French immigrants in Brazil in 1504, in Santa Catarina and they have a project that encourages new creators (has the dream and talent?).

This spirit is reflected in the products of your own tag. Each shoe has a unique design and a story behind, as Marie Elisabeth, this kind of sandal black and white abotinada, created for Gabriel’s fiancée, a French actress, who accompanied him throughout the research process and the Gabriella (the) it was drawn from the description of a friend who wanted a shoe anabela that had protected ankles (anti-viradas standing).

The boys ‘ side already calls attention the different types of leather (it’s hard to see in Brazil shoes like that) in colored tones but sober and neutral (the way man uses) leaving the more modern shoes, as well as the bags for them. Has Messenger type (one that uses aside), scholarship to go pro football (the Pocket has to ball texture!) and handbag.

In addition to the own pieces to Gabriel Spaniol represents the mark of Sebago docksides (there’s even tall boots type dockside) and scarves Lord SM, French brand that makes unique pieces and numbered.

The Gabriel Spaniol is on Rua da Consolação, 3058, at the Maison Rouge in São Paulo and already have completinho site with online store and everything. To learn more just access the site:)