The Samsung Galaxy Series

Smartphone manufacturer Samsung announced involuntarily mini own app store the Galaxy S4 apparently. Appropriate references were recorded in the form of screenshots. Yet there are to date no officially confirmed details of the South Korean company to the specifications of the Smartphone.

A Web site from Israel was for the first time reported by the aforementioned screenshots. Samsung sells its smartphones and tablets similar to Google in an own app store. There the Galaxy S4 appeared mini now in two different versions, which showed no differences but visually. Only the respective unit numbers were different. So SGH I257 was called a model GT-I9195 and the others. Now looking for suitable apps in the Samsung online service, so the two models no longer appear.

Market launch is expected as a result of its predecessor already

Particularly surprising is this message, because Samsung brought to the Galaxy S3 as a mini version on the market, which was technically weaker. However, the technical details of the speculated latest mini offshoot from the Smartphone lineup by Samsung are not safe. So dual-core chip with a 1.6 GHz clock rate and a 1 man currently, expected that Samsung is a GB RAM memory is fitted. The display is supposedly measure 4.3 inch diagonal and make still greater than Apple’s current iPhone 5. Industry experts estimate with an 8-megapixel camera on the back of the Android Smartphone. According to rumors the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be mini in summer 2013. Because it revolves around actual entries from Samsung in the app store, which is probably quite large, that the model actually exists in reality.