The Romantic Case for IPad in Prada Saffiano

Among the gift ideas for Christmas most interesting is certainly the case for iPad Prada, a female model and charming part of the new collection autumn winter 2011 2012. The Prada Saffiano Bow Case for iPad is one of the best cases of ‘year, I really like this model so chic and charming that reflects perfectly the woman of today, always in step with the times, always in a hurry, submerged work but trying to put a little’ sweetness here and there.

For the Prada brand new iPad case is beautiful, is made ​​of Saffiano, one of the iconic leather Prada, and is available in a fabulous gray bon ton and in a beautiful white . The proposed Prada is minimal and chic, a style that I always loved Prada and I really like, I have to say, much more than find Miuccia Prada that are not lacking in any collection. for example, the maxi sequins of the winter collection or even the craze for the flames of summer. The style that never goes out of style is classic and it is about what we have to focus us.
The Prada case is very simple and is covered by an internal fabric that cleans the iPad every time you pull it out or cutlery. The Saffiano Bow Case for iPad is vezzosa and romantic, right on the corner we have a ribbon with a bow sideways and under the Prada logo changes position that this time, from the classical central position up, slips on the lower right. The price of iPad accessories is 264,00 €.