The Perfect Jacket Was Created

Perhaps say that the jacket is perfect is a bit extreme, but they did a great job! The Grand Frank, designer based in Stockholm, Sweden, was responsible for the idea and design of the suede jacket, which is nothing new, but the way they found to make the project a reality and distribute the product for an extremely affordable price was the big deal: raising funds for collective financing site Kickstarter!

In this way a suede jacket (which is on the rise this winter) made in Italy with the best materials and finishes can be sold for $270, when similar parts sold by bigger and more famous brands come to cost more than $1,000, because the cost of distribution, sales and marketing, elements that were filed in the system used by that will sell directly to consumers via e-commerce from October 2017.

The sacramentomart shows a little of the development process of the jacket and the finished product:

With the financing value reached, the designers of the Grand Frank might focus on finding the best professionals to turn the project into reality, obviously they proceeded to Italy, more precisely to Naples, where they were able to produce parts with precision and whimsy that only the Italians are capable of achieving.

The Jacket

After such commitment the result couldn’t be better, a suede jacket of high quality and classic design in two models-one of them the bomber, another bet that winter, the other similar to trucker jacket, with a visual more utility. Both won a treatment to protect them from stains on the premium leather super lightweight and comfortable. Another highlight is the colors, are 6 options, cool grey to red full of personality.