The Parade of Balenciaga “My Dear”

How hard is celebrity, but today it is just as hard to be fashion editor or Director Star Magazine beyond the seas. They who have always gone unnoticed, now are focus of attention. So there is another that pull you 4 hours, choose outfit, called the designer’s turn to let you this and the other and if you already rozas the freak, opt for this small detail that you’re not who you are, it would be ridiculous.

That and the same can happen in every parade in Paris but this time has had to Balenciaga.

Oh Anna, you’re my mother would give you a capon. I don’t know, I this not I think elegance but rather disguise. That the trends, some are to let them, you should know better than anyone. But you do not pass, you get them all up if you take Elvis Presley shoes and hat of a gondolier. Very necklace of Lanvin and look of Celine Pre fall 2013 be.

Salma Hayek, every day you are prettier and your ugliest husband. But what else does if he is the head of the roost? Ideal with its black and white look Resort 2014 of Balenciaga and the glasses that most were repeated in the front parade eow.

The other day my partner said to me: I’ve seen the such Wintour that on the news, it seems my grandmother. What serious and ugly. Make no mistake, outside this I Oprah, the looks of the Russo or face of the Wintour dead are cause for laughter. The Queen Mother in his worst times, dear you seem.

When you’re young you wear fashion by montera. Every thing his age, and although this seems a tacky of tomo and lomo hears, who at the age of who carries it even allows.