The New 360 Moto Is Seen by Chicago and Yes, Repeated Black Band

The Bike 360 It was the first Android Wear that aroused the interest of the public, and perhaps the better has withstood the passage of time, taking into account that it was announced a year and a half ago (although, that Yes, soon arrive in stores). If there are no surprises, this model CITES us renewal in 2015 IFA in Berlin, at the beginning of September.

Meanwhile, we are taking some additional details about how it will be, from the hand of a suspicious appearance in a Chicago train, according to a user’s Google +. Just two distant images, are sufficient to gather a few details of the next Motorola smart clock.

What we see reminds us quickly to the original 360 motorcycle. Remains solid style, although there are some details in the images collecting us where are the novelties of this second version:

  • The boton-Corona upload, doing that it is in a position most comfortable pressing with the index (if don’t believe me, try to make the gesture on your wrist, although you do not bear any since clock). In this new position also avoids discomfort with the hand to Flex the wrist.
  • The low microphone, in such a way that it remains in a position more approached and oriented towards our mouth, which is likely to improve the recognition of voice in this new version.
  • The glass curved polished. New the next bike watch glass is polished in its shape’s edges rounded, and not filing bevel as it happens with the current 360 motorcycle. This bezel so that we don’t see the edge of the curved screen (which is made up of square pixels, of the of life) and otherwise would be too flashy. This new way you can get a more natural view transition, but it will have to wait to try it.
  • It is confirmed that the black band remains, and although in the image seems to have been reduced, you might issue from the angle of the photograph.
  • Interchangeable straps, now without risks. Up to now with the 360 motorcycle we needed a special watchmaker tool, and take care not to deform the plastic piece on your back. Now new metal pins inserted belt at a point which is certainly more accessible.

Finally hope that autonomy will improve sunstancialmente, although it has not been a major problem with the first version, taking into account that we are still tied to the daily load. Here the fact of appearing the screen turned on by default in the two pictures you see above may give us a clue.

Bike 360 original video after a month of use