The Mobile Site Will Announce: This Year’s Cost-Conscious Mobile

Christmas lasts long and mobiles will cost a lot of money. What is the best for the price?

2013 was the year where smartphones was a mainstream activity, but it is not only the most expensive flag ships that have made the Danes mobile. Much of the growth has come in force of the mid-range, which now serves up enough allowance for all budgets. We would therefore have voted the year’s best cost-conscious mobile.

And the nominees are:

HTC Desire 500-1500 kr.: With 4.3 “AMOLED display and a Snapdragon 200 is performance only just adequate. The camera, on the other hand, one (or more) classes of what one finds in this segment. Here is f/2.0 lens, 1/3.2 “sensor and 8 MP to play with.

HTC One mini-2800 DKK: HTC One in mini format. In fact, One mini either much smaller or much cheaper than the original-But features as Boom sound and Ultrapixels camera is preserved, but the service has gotten a gok downwards.

Huawei Ascend P6-2200 kr.: Huaweis designer Mobile has come down in a price range where it can be compared with mid-range-but here you get so a 4.7 inch HD display and an well-designed case with performance slightly above the mid-range.

LG L9 II-2000 kr.: L9’eren in its second incarnation offers much for the money: 4.7 “HD display, 8 MP camera and Snapdragon processor 400. It only gets Android 4.1 pulls dog down.

Motorola Moto G-1200 kr.: Motorola has here created a price bomb with its 4.5 inch HD display and Snap dragon processor 400 can wrestle with much more expensive phones. The camera is 5MP, however, in the bottom edge on the and the are not sold in Denmark yet.

Nokia Lumia 520-800 DKK: Nokia has with Lumia 520 proved to a decent smartphone doesn’t have to cost the Earth. 3.8 “HVGA screen and a good-humored processor and an easy-to-manage system makes everything run fluently.

Nokia Lumia 720-1800 USD: Where 520 ‘ eren can be somewhat stripped down has 720 series remedy.The screen is now 4.3 “and the camera has gotten an upgrade with Zeiss Optics.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini-2300 kr.: Samsung has cooked all S-features from great hit S4 for a mini format. The bend is there, however, was choked down on camera, performance and screen. Now you will find a 8 MP camera, 4.3 inch QHD screen and a Snapdragon 400 dual-core.

Sony Xperia SP-2300kr.: SP’eren is located not far from the top of the POPs with 4.6 inch HD display, Adreno 320 graphics and planned Android 4.4.

Sony Xperia V-2400 USD: Here have Sony again sprinkled with high-end features at a reasonable price. Here you will find a KitKat upgrade, 13MP camera and 4.3 inch HD display in a waterproof format.

You can now help to determine which smartphone that can call themselves best to price 13. A high ranking here will help to identify the nominees for the crowning of this year’s Mobile by 2013.

You can cast your vote by appointing your favorite below. You need to log in to our desktop website in order to vote.

Write a comment below about why your choice is the best bet for the price.

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