The Keys for a Nordic Touch to Your Home

Can you imagine a neutral, spacious and luminous space in your home? Do you think that it is only a matter of the living space? Thus undoubtedly depends on style, decoration and furniture distribution.
If you thinking more than once to give a different style to your home, I suggest opting for this style. The Scandinavian style brings subtlety, elegance and more light to the general atmosphere since it is a decorative style that opts for sobriety, as well as a minimalist twist that blends perfectly the current with the functional.

But without a doubt the best feature that defines the style republiks is comfort and livability that offers to any space making a place really cozy to live in and enjoy.

Soft touches of wood, white walls, cream and grey ivory, blankets, fur rugs… candles, candelabra, wool and small decorations with plants, duvet covers in colors… definitely could say that it is the representation of the tasteful adapted to each household, as well as the perfect style to enjoy in winter although we love in summer it is much more significant in the cold weather.

Touches on black tones and anthracite or grey marked the difference and a soft contrast decoration republiks, thus providing a warm climate and how where everything becomes like a little dream.

Other original ideas as hanging lights or natural fibers in Wicker baskets complement the decor and space making it more friendly if possible. Planters in light colours, tables with pallet and wooden photo frames will make republiks as well as cabinets, boxes for candles that always bring warmth to the general Assembly.

Not leaving aside the election of the armchairs for the living room, you can choose them synthetic fur imitation leather with a good finish, the important thing is to give the tone that brings harmony and contrast without clash that Nordic finish as desired. Some pieces of wood for the stove, doors or wooden windows as well as parquet flooring, or those who imitate him.

A rustic wood table will bring you color it will create a very cozy environment, also combines perfectly with those cement floors. In the case of the areas of work we can opt chairs Wishbone type and a couple of extra benches, carpets of white hair and thus create spaces of refined lines.

And as a last small details in the Hall or passage areas as ideas for coat racks with branches or natural logs there may be something more simple, beautiful and original?

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There is nothing as change of style and if you is starting to bite the itch to Nordic style this guide you will come great. At Quotatis also sen responsible for advise on reform and above all find the best professional according to your needs.

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