The Job of a Wedding Planner

Bibbidi bobbidi boo … does the magic that you want! Wand and Stardust. These are the tools of the trade of a good wedding planner. A good dose of creativity and nerve to fulfill every desire of the bride and groom.

The wedding planner is a figure who was born in America and that is there breeding ground between pairs of newlyweds who, despite many commitments, decide to enjoy the moment in the Organization of the wedding stress-free, thanks to the help and advice of this wizard of a modern fable.

Here in Italy the figure of the wedding planner is not very popular: many are still couples who have no qualms in addressing its services fearing that his presence may distort their desires, and this is wrong, and especially fear that face rising costs. If it is a professional, the wedding planner you will create a number of trusted partners and quality with which work constantly, allowing them to save between 20% and 30% compared to a wedding held DIY.

But who exactly is a wedding planner? With passion and knowledge of the facts is the actual seller of dreams but also one who has a duty to implement them! That’s why his work as well as being the most beautiful in the world can also be the most difficult. Must know the rules of etiquette and bon ton, art history, music history and religions and must know how to dance and teach it to the bride and groom and last but not least, must have the ability the seventh sense really!

His advice is to 360°: help the bride and groom on the choice of the location suitable to your needs, arrange catering, help the bride giving advice about the dress, the gifts and interests to the honeymooners. Will support the couple in moments of discouragement and when the voltage comes through the roof. In short, will hand over the longer route to the altar.

The secret lies in taking care of every detail, even the most hidden, knowing how to excite with a particular scene, listen to the bride and groom in the deep and know how to empathize with their thoughts, understand that marriage is theirs and realize it in their measure. Love will do the rest.