The IPad Is Greater: The Screen Split Comes at Last to 9 IOS

It was one of the features most requested by users of the Apple tablets, and company officials have highlighted it as one of the big improvements of iOS 9. This new version of the operating system comes with the possibility of offer split-screen (Split View) to display two windows at the same time on the screen of your Tablet.

The option will be for the time being only available on the Air 2 iPad, but it offers precisely that simultaneous management of two windows which will improve the productivity of the platform in these especially powerful tablets. Other lower models will have the option to move applications from one side to occupy a fraction of screen (Slide Over), as well as to display a PiP mode to get a video always in an area of the screen while we do something else.

More productivity for the Apple Tablet

Multitasking management reminds us in good part that Microsoft makes on Windows 8/8.1 tablets, especially when it comes to show those applications in a part of the screen and choosing from the list of applications open two we have on screen at all times.

You can drag and drop items between the two applications, and the touch gesture with four fingers will manage tasks in each zone separately. In this implementation applications they can occupy either a half each, either a proportion of 70/30. Improvements also apply to this new ability to see videos superimposed on other applications in this striking Picture in Picture.

All these improvements seem clearly aimed at promoting the productivity of the tablet users Apple and opens the doors to this theoretical iPad Pro that is has been talking some time and that could become a competitor of convertible tablets that lately are appearing based on Windows.