The Good, the Bad and the Ugly-5 Things Your Mobile Can Get for Christmas

It is not even the master of what parents or well-meaning boyfriends are putting under the tree. List here can perhaps help you inform the family about what hitter and what smoking directly above in the waste pile.

There will be plenty of mobiles under the Christmas tree this year. With such a new toy follows, of course, also the possibility of undreamed-of quantities of accessories. The mobile site has looked at five options and split them up into three categories:

A good-quality at an affordable price.
An evil-which is fantastic animals, but also really delicious.
A cruel-as you absolutely should not hope for.

1. Bluetooth headset

The good:
Super Tooth HD for around DKK 900.0-
This headset provides not only an excellent volume, but can also email, texting and update your Facebook and Twitter using voice recognition.

The evil:
Novero Lexington to about DKK 1,800.0-
If you want quality packed into discreet design, so is Novero case. This headset indicates that you are in constant contact with your Audi RS8, while making your everyday purchases in the magazine’s Delicatessen.

The ugly:
Jabra BT-300 to about DKK 75.0-
You don’t get much quality for around DKK 75.0-so one thing is for sure: your audio experience will have you tearing your one ear of not only, but also the second in the attempt, tearing the headset out as quickly as possible. There is also a risk that you in shame after the following store your cell phone in a glass of Nutella.

  1. Mobile coversThe good.
    OtterBox Defender for us $ 349.0.-
    It’s hard to go wrong with mobile covers, but Otterbox delivers an uncommon durable one at that.Of course, it’s not always pretty, but with the prospect of having to pay DKK 500.0-every time one loses his mobile, the Otterbox solution.The next time your display should shatter, so think of what vanity can cost.

The evil:
Mulberry Phone Case to k-2,000.0-
Why not pack his cell into something, which in some cases is four times more expensive than the phone itself?
Mulberry is one of the brands, who don’t know the word “sale”, and therefore, reeks of exclusivity. If you are a girl and get this by your girlfriend on Christmas Eve, so he really likes you.

The ugly:
Britney Spears iPhones 4/4s cover DKK 80.0-
Not only is Britney so last year (or decade?), but that cover is also to models from 2010/11 is saying something about the gift giver. Not a bad word about Britney, for there are still many who love her, but this is not the gift that you should hope for is under the tree this year.

  1. Smart WatchThe good:
    Pebble Smart Watch $ 150
    Now we do not discuss about smart watches is a good idea, but should there emerge a up, so hope that there is a Pebble Smart Watch.The technology lacks a bit yet, but with this watch you can manage your music, view messages, emails and Facebook messages as well as use the Agency for cycling or running computer.

Martian Passport Watch $ 300
Unfortunately, so are not at home-even the clock. And if it pops up at some point, so it will not be for the $ 300, as the price is in the United States. This is actually a smart watch that man will take on even though we were only wearing short sleeves. It will not be much nicer.
The ugly:
Sony Smart Watch MN2 DKK 700.0-
OK, maybe you don’t need to scold someone out if this gift shows up. It is, however, not many nice words Sony’s cheap model has been with on the road. A single American reviewer even went so far and wrote:
No one should own this watch regardless of lifestyle preferences or moral views. I promise you-you will not like it.

  1. Bluetooth speakersThe good:
    Logitech UE Mini Boombox DKK 900.0-
    This speaker is small, cheap and pleasing to the ear’s fit enough, to be provided by the preferred choice.You can easily find speakers which is both more expensive and less expensive, but here goes quality, expectations and price up into a higher unity.

The evil:
Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12 us $. 5,500.0-
B & O has mostly been known for expensive design or in relation to the quality. Here follows the sound, however, perhaps more than the speaker. Because if you have to have the ‘ 60s-inspired small case with the forearm, so you must be prepared to tow at 2.8 kg. It does, however, like to, just to show the box forward.
The ugly:
DS7530/12 Philips Docking Speaker 650.0-DKK
Keeps you from overloaded sound when turned all the way up? Do you think that the bass and treble are overrated, and that really sound only in the midtone area? In this case, you can just cross fingers for that Philips Docking Speaker finds its way forward in your gavesok. The reviewers agreed globally: the product is simply not worth the money.

  1. HeadphonesThe good:
    Creative Aurvana Live DKK 500.0-
    Creative sent some of the first mp3 players on the market, and found in the occasion that you might as well start producing amazing headphones at the same time.You will find everything in the Aurvana Live you need at cheap money.
    The evil:
    Grado PS1000 DKK 15,995.0-
    When you choose a pair of headphones instead of a brand new scooter 45, then you should be pleased with the sound.And if someone will put them as a Christmas present under the tree for you, so they’re really excited for you. Grado’s PS1000 is a violent overkill if sound is coming from your mobile, but fortunately, they can be set to plant at home. This is an audio experience out of the ordinary.

The ugly:
Uni tone SL-130i DKK 15.0-
OK, maybe Grandma bought headphones in Tiger, or maybe she thought that the wires as stewardess during the flight returned to Mallorca in the summer, easily could be used as a Christmas gift. Smile, say thank you and make then for never ever put them in the ears. There will more likely get better sound out of that poking a live electrical cable directly into the ear.