The Four Retail Hats

In retail, the “hats” can be considered as the responsibilities and the procedures necessary for the Manager to perform your job successfully. There’s no mystery in how to sell and manage a shop effectively. It is necessary, however, that the Professional is always attentive to detail. From there, the four “hats” that the Manager will use are:

• Seller;
• Coach;
• Operations Manager;
• Sales Manager.

Seller’s hat

Your goal is to convert customers into buyers through satisfactory sales. When using this “hat”, the professional must encourage the customer to buy a product. To do this, you need to be prepared to perform correctly the opening of sale, probing and demonstration.

Coach’s hat

With him the Manager will need to devote to have a fully trained team about additions or changes in operational procedures and the information available about a product; In addition to encouraging the development of the skills of the sales team.

Operations Manager’s hat

To use it, you can make the free and unimpeded store to sell. This “hat” should take into consideration issues related to staff (salaries and benefits, timetables, payroll etc.) and the product (inventory management, promotions, product display, daily accounting etc.).

Hat Sales Manager

Aims to improve the statistics of individual sales. Takes into account aspects related to personnel (recruitment and selection, point and payroll, progressive orientation etc.), the product (competition, communication with the Department of product and promotions) and sales management (use of sales management, customer service, and personal development).

There is no reason to believe that the Manager cannot use all four “hats” of successful way. In reality, people can take on many responsibilities on a daily basis. The only reason that prevents this from happening is when the “hats” are not clearly defined benchmarks for success and the evaluation of results.

If the Manager doesn’t know how to use any of the “hats” up, his success will be partial. This simply means that he will not have a good performance in that specific function and that your work will be more difficult to be accomplished.