The Dangers of Heatstroke

When we speak of the dangers of excessive sun exposure, we soon in skin cancer, but can also be other hazards, heat stroke at the top of the list.

Heatstroke can be a serious problem, which can reach even the cause severe dehydration and second or third degree burns and is often caused by excessive sun exposure and irresponsible.

Symptoms of Heatstroke:

-Hot Skin, reddish and dry

-High body temperature

-Nausea and vomiting



-Changes of consciousness

What to do in case of heat stroke:

 Put the person in a cool place

-Remove or take any tight clothing

-Cool the person by applying wet compresses on the wrists, ankles, groin, neck and armpits

-If you are conscious, give drink small sips of water

-If the person is unconscious, call 112 immediately

How to prevent heat stroke:

-Drink plenty of water

-Give preference to light clothes and little tight

-Use sunscreen before exposing yourself to the Sun and restore 2:00 pm 2 hours

-Avoid intense physical activity and hot

-Stay in the shade and avoid exposure to the Sun between 12 and 16 hours

-Wear hats and sunglasses

-Do not consume alcoholic beverages during sun exposure

Prevention should be the key word and should have special care to the elderly and children, as they have more ease in dehydrated and suffer with large temperature changes.

If you want to have a holiday with adventure, rest and without problems, follow the previous advice.

If you’re traveling to countries with very high temperatures, take special caution and take care!

Don’t take a vacation to their moisturizer! Keep the body and the skin well hydrated!