The Country Women’s Hat Ideal for Varieties of Face

The cowgirls always wear hats to increase their production country. However, to settle in this attachment and be in perfect balance, you must choose the country female Hat ideal for every type of face. For this reason, we have selected a few tips. Check out:

Oval face
The cheekbones are bigger and the shape of the jaw and forehead are slightly narrow, giving the feeling of an egg-shaped face. The forehead is a little wider than the jaw. This is the type of “perfect” face. So, feel free to use all kinds of hats. The cowgirl who has this model of face was honored.

Triangular face
This kind of face is characterized by the bottom thinner than the upper, giving more prominence to the Chin. Is the famous “inverted triangle”. The cowgirls that have this kind of face should wear hats with flaps and minor cups.

Square face
Square faces are those that have angles well delimited, with the jaw well marked by the shape of a square. To give a smoother appearance and in proportion to the face, abuse of larger flaps hats. The ideal are hats with high Cup and wider tab.

Round Face
For women who have faces with rounded angles, the ideal is to use hats with medium to high Cup and proportional tab.

more tips on how to use your country hat

The best color will depend on the taste of each cowgirl. That is, for the woman who doesn’t want the hat as featured, the color close to your hair tone calls less attention and combines with all the clothes. The neutral, as black and Brown, also ensure less notoriety. Another very important tip is to try not to combine the hat with the clothes. This type of combination lets your production too obvious. The hats should contrast with the colors and textures of other parts that you use.