The Chic Hats by Philip Treacy

You thought I left them in London and instead hats chic Philip Treacy also arrive on the red carpet at the Met Gala 2011 in New York! Yes, it will be the royal wedding fever, a touch of envy for not being invited but some celebrities are riding the wave of bon ton caps and also come with them to the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum! But who are the stars who choose the Philip Treacy hats? One is the actress Demi Moore the other Serena Williams, who we hope will not leave the sport for fashion!

Serena Williams and Demi Moore have a sumptuous clothing, and extravagant feathery and I must say that the cap is not us is just fine, if you noticed the royal wedding hats were combined to put quite simple, suits, simple dresses, and sheath dresses. None of the invited chose dresses of princesses and feathery hats oversize from

The beautiful Serena Williams chooses a white dress pompous and beautiful by Oscar de la Renta, the dress is strapless and the bandeau bodice fact you can clearly see his muscles Womens sport.

The dress is cute and is also good but with that hat could replace the North Star!

Demi Moore instead choose a dress with a train Prabal Gurung even this very showy decorated with ostrich feathers and Swarovski, complete the look with jewelry Cartier bag and Christian Louboutin. For her a hat exaggerated with really high feathers!

What do you think? Li could keep for Carnival?