The Brand of Powerful Swimwear

Liliana Filipa has created a homonymous brand with reduced models. The best part: the bathing suits are reversible.

Since participating in the reality show “House of Secrets”, Liliana Filipa’s cell phone does not stop playing. Often, they are asked to meet for the 22-year-old to give face and body to fashion brands and swimwear. “In January of this year I began to think:” Why not make a brand of bathing suits of mine? “, Tells NiT.

He wasted no time. He joined a team, took the lessons of the degree in Design from IADE and began designing the models.Unlike the many Portuguese brands that have been released lately, Liliana has not knocked at the factory door. “It’s me and my colleagues who sew everything by machine and by hand,” he explains.

The first collection is fresh, fresh – it was released this Thursday, June 23. To begin with there are four bikinis (at 55€) and two swimsuits (80€) reversible. “Whoever buys a bathing suit is like buying two. Turning upside down has a completely different standard. “

Patterns that Liliana wanted to be in pastel shades, her favorites.”I’m going to have a more gaudy bathing suit with the blue leopard pattern. I have to please everyone, “he says. To achieve this, the young woman designed a collection for various types of bodies. “I wanted to escape the giant marks that bathing suits leave in the body. I’d rather have smaller, more adaptable models. “ And how can you? “The tops of bikinis have three ways of being used: the classic, crossed back or ahead.”