the Bikers Guide

The word biker attention becomes high, they are the must-have shoes winter 2015. Versatile and perfect for any outfit, from jeans to skirts, UnaDonna. it offers a gallery with some really cool models!

Dear bikers boots, we like to think of indossarvi on days when we have enough strength to lift the world with a finger or, on the contrary, when we feel the need of a small external support to face the world.

A thousand combinations, from morning to evening-because not?-

Easy to wear under a skirt like under a pair of jeans, biker boots are the perfect shoes for leisure, but no one can exclude it, you could experience and even wear them in the evening, trying contamination.
The classics go hand in hand with buckles, also the model with side zipper is common and convenient option. The biker model with headband padding is a true biker.

To studs the response is positive, but without overdoing it. It seems that this winter the studs always retain an important role but it is recommended to prefer the studs small to large.

Of leg models high or low

Great rulers in terms of seasonal footwear, small and big fashion brands have made ​​their biker proposal. This mannish style and gritty seems you can not do without. They come in various types and sauces: boots with high leg, overknee models, lower booties with gold or silver metal applications, versions with studs.
Normally the biker boot in socket has a height very clear: slightly exceeds the ‘ height of the ankle and the ankle. The part of the outer tube can be machined with a quilted texture capable of making particular shoe.
Obviously cool are the high biker boots to the knee even be combined with a mini skirt or a pair of skinny pants. They are also those particular models of boots with tongue to cover the knee, slightly higher than the rest of the leg.

Tell me and I’ll put it’ll confirm “biker is ok!”

Winter is not winter without a pair of biker boots, must have the powerful and useful character to any outfit. Think of the set and say if there is one you do not accostereste biker boots: with a couple of blacks leggings with a colorful skirt, with a midi, with a mini-skirt, with jeans, with skinny trousers, under a dress soft, oversize. In short, there is no solution that will not dress to a wedding with footwear bikers.

So many cool models for winter 2014-2015, here are some

  • Biker boots Baldan
  • Stivali biker Peter Flowers
  • Biker boots Strategy (from 200 euro to 300 euro)
  • Biker boots H & M 79,90 € with models like the boots Monkstrap H & M 29,90 €
  • Stivaletti biker Love Moschino (da 800 euro in su)
  • Biker boots DSquared2
  • Biker boots with studs, Nando Muzi (560 euro).
  • Amphibian strap Manila Grace Denim metal (354 EUR).
  • Police studs strap Manila Grace (389 EUR)
  • Biker Hogan with tail lamps (470 euro)
  • Rock Hogan (380 euro)
  • London Rebel Strap Biker Boots (a 64,92 euro su Asos).