The Best Speeches for Women Not TED Should Miss

The famous talks organized by TED (technology, entertainment, design) are source of inspiration for all the people who have concerns and desire to improve and change the world. On its website, there are over a thousand lectures available, but we bring you a selection of the speeches that have seemed most interesting to women and its role today.

1.-Meera Vijayann: find your voice against gender violence.

It’s hard to put on the skin of Meera Vijayann and listen to his personal testimony, but this is precisely the fundamental point of his talk to TED: speak without fear, without euphemisms issues that are often taboo in our society is the only way to combat violence against women and provoking change.

“” I realized for the first time that my voice matters”. Meera Vijayann.

Vijayann has no hair on the tongue when it comes to tell about their experience and how women in their country of origin, India, suffer daily violence. And invites us to not shut us up.

2.-Anne-Marie Slaughter: can “have it all”?

The answer to the question that we have spent years making many women, a little overwhelmed by the cartel of “Super Woman” which we have hung. This public policy expert gives us some hope, demolishes myths and It calls for the creation of policies that help achieve real equality.

“The prospect of same-sex helps us to see that juggling work and family are not women’s issues, family problems.” Anne-Marie Slaughter.

Very interesting if you are overwhelmed because you think that you can’t develop yourself as a professional and parenting at the same time.

3. Sheryl Sandberg: why have so few women leaders?

A subject which concerns us especially, that we have already addressed in Jezebel and the Director of Facebook operations analyzed in this talk that you can not miss, especially if you’re enterprising, or aspire to reach a position in senior management.

“Women systematically underestimate their ability.” Sheryl Sandberg.

And a very clear message to all women: that We are also able to direct any company with success, regardless of our sex.

4 Paula Johnson: the health of it… and it.

Paula is a pioneer in its field, medicine, and in this talk, TED tries to demonstrate that research and medicine ignore on numerous occasions that There are differences between the sexes when it comes to responding to a disease and that, although we have the technology to make the diagnosis, often these differences are ignored.

“We have the technology to make the diagnosis. But too often these differences between the sexes are ignored.” Paula Johnson.

If you are interested in health and everything still remains to be done in the field of medicine you will find it very interesting.

5.-Amy Cuddy: body language shapes our identity.

This social psychologist gives us a very important lesson about non-verbal language and the importance that has to change our attitude and our well-being.

“Small adjustments can lead to great changes.” Amy Cuddy.

A very interesting talk, especially for most girls and people with problems of self-esteem, because according to her body language influences how see us others, but You can also change how we see ourselves.

6.-Courtney Martin: Reinventing the feminism.

The journalist Courtney Martin presents a new feminism, a feminism that she is identified if and which takes the path started by his mother, but with a more active and deliberate approach.

“So much of my feminism I owe to my mother, but mine is slightly different.” Courtney Martin.

A feminism which uses social media and artistic interventions, who appreciates the importance of aesthetics and fun, but not the main goal misses: equality of opportunities.

7.-Brené Brown: the power of vulnerability

One of the more emotional talks we’ve seen. The American sociologist Brené Brown has conducted numerous studies on the vulnerability, dignity, embarrassment and everything This type of emotions that we tend to hide, They embarrassed us deeply and are seen as signs of weakness.

“I am very grateful for feel vulnerable, because it implies that I am alive.” Brené Brown.

However, the twist that raises is that the true courage that we face every day human beings is to demonstrate to others and show us ourselves that we are not perfect. And that nothing at all.

Warning: If it costs you understand the original lectures in English, you can find all the speeches translated into the official website of TED.

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