The Best Plants to Repel Mosquitoes

Everyone present at the annoying invasive mosquitoes that tarnish the days of summer. These small flying demons can make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors. But,

If our own garden plants could help protect us from them?

After lighting torches, candles and oils to keep mosquitoes at Bay, you can also Add to your garden plants that possess qualities such as mosquito repellents.

Growing an herb garden

Grow an herb garden is an entertaining activity of fun summer. Moreover, did you know that several of the fresh herbs that you can cultivate in your terrace or patio, naturally repel mosquitoes? Here are some:


Basil is an essential ingredient to prepare delicious Italian recipes in addition to much used to decorate your favorite pasta dish. In addition, repels proactively mosquitoes!


Some of us enjoy adding Mint in our tea or to decorate desserts. Fortunately, the mosquitoes found this less refreshing herb!

Lemon thyme

Simply rub a few stems between your hands and the scent of lemon that emerges from this plant is annoying for mosquitoes. This reason alone makes it worth the effort of planting a thyme in your yard or garden.


An excellent aromatic and staple in many kitchens, this herb helps to provide a safe haven against mosquitoes. The smell will cause mosquitoes to fly in the other direction.

Further advice: keep in mind that each of these plants have different light requirements and water so it is advisable to grow them in separate pots.

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Of course, herbs are not the only answer but a way, also you can add color, in addition to flavor, to your strategy to control mosquitoes in the summer with the following plants:

Although visually appealing, marigolds are not so well known by its fragrance. Doesn’t this plant like mosquitoes. When planning your next garden, be sure to include some marigolds to prevent numerous other pests that destroy your source of fresh vegetables for the summer. If you have already designed your garden, just add some marigolds to accentuate its current floral color scheme and deter insects.


This small blue flower secretes a chemical used in many repellents for mosquitoes. And since they are relatively small, they are easy to add to an existing flowerbed.


This timeless plant varieties are countless, and all of them are excellent to keep mosquitoes away. They also protect against a number of other insects that may be harmful to your garden.

And you how you protect from mosquitoes in summer?
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