The Best of the Old West

The special aura of the 1970 years appears in this collection full of key parts, such as the leather overcoat, the blazer in velvet corduroy and the past dress. They are the secret to an air cool, vintage and stripped, inspired by the American Western. You’re going to want to do all of them.

A collection inspired by the American desert, in its earth tones, blended into a scarce vegetation that gives a different brightness. Moreover, we have ethnic prints in shades violet, orange, purple to illuminate. Mixing everything with accessories in the best cowboy style, such as boots, handbags with fringes, hats and necklaces and large and well-seen rings.

One of the highlights is the beautiful suede coat that follows the style of the Old West. In fact. The whole look is inspired by the theme, which enriches production. Note in the Jeans + jeans combo, boots and hat. Ready for any rodeo!

In the second look, we see the trousers mount, just to the body, in the caramel tone, blended to the jeans and over a beautiful crochet poncho, to cast off the look. All the elements that resemble the Old West.

Other highlights are the ethnic prints that give a very different touch that mixes the earth tones and is illuminated with shades purple, magenta, orange in light parts such as large and comfortable blouses, fluid dresses. In counterpoint, we have the bomber jacket, a hit of the station, in a piece that you can do by following the inspiration of the magazine or in a plain cloth.

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