The American Football Game, So Was Tommy Hilfiguer Parade

Tommy Hilfiger parade promised, supposed the start of the 30th anniversary of the American company and it certainly did not disappoint anyone. A football stadium recreated perfectly in the Manhattan, the stadium of Tommy Hilfiger where teams are not formed by athletes experienced but by the best top – models of the moment.

Just enter in the 643 Park Avenue You trasladabas you to a large football field, in which of course the three mythical colors of the signature: Blue, red and white They adorned the perfect green from the ground. Large screens and markers announcing that it would soon begin the all-star game, the best models from all over the world marched in this parade as special and emotional.

A wonderful collection that had as a thread the uniforms of American football so famous in the world of fashion. We find jerseys and white stripes typical of sport boots knots or jackets with numbers special-cased but also the Velvet mini-vestidos more sophisticated and elegant suits of all.

A giant catwalk for a wonderful collection in which the models marched relentlessly one behind others. Finished all at the same time parading in great track of soccer leaving patent collection quality and the details thereof. The Maroon, blue, camel and black were the “equipment” Hilfiger ringtones. To finish the parade a great Tommy Hilfiger He greeted all those present and gave each model its corresponding town.

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