The 7 Best Reading Lamps

According to the libraries that have opened this year, I would say that reading will be a booming trend of 2017 – kiosk, on the other hand, are disappearing at the speed of the North Pole. But you have a sublime experience, and don’t miss this trend between your fingers, there are three things you should do very well:

01 | sniff book nothing more to buy it-or I’m just who enjoys doing this??

02 | sit back in a comfortable armchair, in a quiet corner and with natural light. A table to leave the snacks and a blanket of thick (or fine) depending on the season will be a nice plus.

03 | a good lamp for long nights. That Yes, must be a functional or direct light what do not you clarify? Keep reading…

reading lamps

To read comfortably – equal to that you need to Cook, sew or work – that the beam of light is directed completely down and focus on a surface

. For this reason, not all standing or table lamps serve to read its light can be directed upwards in part or even blurred through a fabric screen.
But there are some additional qualities that you want in your reading lamp (Yes, already tell you I if you want to have them)…

Adjustable focus. Not always sit in the same way in the easy chair or take the book in the same position during all the reading. Orient the focus towards the book will be a simple gesture when we change our stance. It will give us total freedom of movement.

Appropriate height. Think that focus must illuminate the book you want to read, not the couch and carpet below. Therefore, a height of 130cm is perfect for you to read comfortably. If the Petite aren’t going, at least find one with adjustable focus in height or with an articulated arm.

Color and power. Cold light is that most resembles the natural lighting. 4000 ° K is perfect if you choose led – the truth, an option irresistible since you save and does not heat. As for the power of the lamp, ideally to be adjustable to play with the brightness depending on the time of day. In any case, 7w led will be sufficient.

A Board. Combined with another lamp indirect light to not leave the rest of the dark room. The atmosphere will be much more enjoyable.
the magnificent 7

Let know you that although a selection made with the heart, not the Pocket, nonetheless it is prohibitive. Some lamps like e.g. the Tolomeo has a good price. You can find others as replicas. But there are also alternatives inspired these lamps that replicate their decorative effect. Look at Habitat, Ikea, MivInteriores, MaisonsDuMonde and PortobelloStreet among others. The most important thing from my point of view is that they are light.

By the way, the cover (at Home) lamp is Antonio Citterio for Flos, the model Kelvin Led would add any more suggestions?

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