The 6 Small Secrets, Which from Outset Prevent Sore Nipples

It is there, really?

The quiet start without pain?

In the past few weeks I had encouraged my Bloggerkollegen, to share their nursing home experience with all our readers.

Come together is a colorful portfolio of different tips – which are sometimes the same and sometimes even contradict.

This is certainly no wonder – because of course there is not a way. After Rome, nor by the painless breastfeeding.

Pain is always a warning sign that something is not perfectly ideal and around. Injuries a much larger and louder warning. It is important to ensure and to ignore weeks, not days or even what your own body tells you.

So, women report in the various blog articles from all of their experiences.

Of how they themselves have designed their pain-free quiet beginning. Or how they came to the turning point, when the pain finally ceased.

Finally I would like to give today a blueprint in hand, that will help you, your quiet start without experiencing pain.

Waivers on sore nipples at the beginning of shut up!

If you have implemented everything and still suffer pain or injury, it is highest railway to consult a professional lactation consultant – also if all around you claim it would again pass.

Create your baby is the pivotal point of the first days and weeks.

For: Breastfeeding is a learned behavior, which is new, both for you and for your baby. Since you had the chance in the majority of cases very rarely, to observe other nursing Mamas in action, you will practice your first nursing situations of “Learning-by-Doing”.

To do this, you should know these 6 little secrets.

1. create early silent characters

If your baby gets hungry you’ll initially to only once barely perceive it.

The first sign that gives you your baby to tell you that it is hungry, are particularly quiet.

You show up sometimes several minutes – rarely even half an hour.

Your baby is his turn head to one side. The mouth opening. With his tongue lick on the lips.

Everything quite unimpressive. To be precise: very unimpressive!

Often they are confused – “exploring the environment” and skipped.

When you put your baby already in this early silent characters , you both have time to grope you in breastfeeding alone. Just initially, where each handle is still practiced and therefore quite naturally slower pay goes.

2. place in the correct breastfeeding position

“Proper breastfeeding position” is not necessarily what one imagines perhaps among them.

You have to not breastfeed in a “Football position” or “Cradle attitude” so that breastfeeding can work well.

Adding in the correct position means rather that you so together, that you you

can move well

feel relaxed

Meet your baby’s mouth and breast at the right angle.

Imagine a little so it, like in a great American restaurant. Couldn’t care less whether the Burger with meat or vegan – is the form: huge. It will not work to impale him with a fork or to keep… or even directly from a plate to eat with one hand.

Well, at least not without a huge mess.

This mess is also created if you’re careless directly when you create. In the form of injuries, which can even bleed.

Back to the burgers. How the do you eat?

Right. You do it with the whole handon his sides, put your head a tiny bit in the neck, got the head on the midline of your body and open your mouth wide.

Just do your baby too if it drinks with you – and you have to position it so that it is possible to him. As I said, this happens often not instinctively – as at Burger  – but must be learned.

And if we are honest – with the Burger we had to learn first.

3. place after previous breast massage

As you already know, that you’re starting at very early signs of hunger with the Anlegeprocedere, you’ve won thus also have a valuable window.

A breast massage you lovingly bring your hormones pumping.

About 30 seconds takes such a massage and your hormones will help bring the milk production in gear and the milk in the flow.

This is of great importance because stimulating sucking – without swallowing-much more often times “goes” wrong and pain goes hand in hand, as the suction-swallowing pattern, which can be observed, once your milk flows.

Do this yourself so good! Gentle & affectionate.

Should your baby have become already uneasy, please a person of your choice so long a little to calm your baby.

4. place still needed by the baby

In the first few weeks, it may be that you hardly can believe, how often your baby would like to drink.

“May be the already wieeeeeeeder hunger?”, there is a frequently formulated question.

Babies have a very different eating behavior than we adults. You silent 8 to 12 times in 24 hours, or even more frequently.

Then rush to pick up the dummy breastfeeding relationship can lead to the significant disturbance to your.

To create on-demand means you always applying before the hunger is too large, your baby should be coarse… and Yes: babies are quite even if they messed up are entirely, because they move hunger so long rough.

5. creating and in between “air on it”

Just in the first few days, the common suction of your baby on your chest is still new for your body.

Yet: he is perfectly prepared.

The Montgomery glands have recorded on the forecourt and in addition the operating and produce a valuable, back-oily fluid, which softens your skin in this area particularly.

With ever-changing pads – that are perhaps even super absorbent, you remove this fluid.

The result is a dark, moist, warm room – with milk as the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of germs.

Also very significant: The pressure of the body-hugging clothes, such as bras and bustiers, reduced the circulation in that area in unnatural ways. So can the regeneration and if necessary also the self healing does not unfold.

Get in the air is so far from the oxygen supply, but a combination of the concomitant factors of that will give you relief.

In the case of injuries on the nipple, it may be, however, that a low pressure, moist wound healing is used, to improve the healing.What must not be contrary.

6 applying if the still pause is “too long”

Demand to breastfeeding not only means that is satisfied according to the needs of the baby.

Western babies in developed countries surprisingly often much longer to sleep at a time, or begin breastfeeding, less frequently, as this can be seen in originally living cultures.

Especially at the beginning, the rare creation can inhibit the natural development of milk production.

In this context, there may be an excessive production of lymph – or a worsening drain. That would mean that your chest would be very plump.

On a blazing tense area your baby can make difficult a good contact to the breastfeeding – without causing injuries.

Through my experiences in different hospitals, with different quality in the advice on breast-feeding, I noticed a marked difference: If applied early and often, the so-called margin of milk-so the swelling-runs much smoother and is still very possible in most cases.

According to Babyinger, should be the swelling still too strong, with the so-called reverse pressure softening method applying to naturally occur. Without this the quiet little hat is used frequently and usually too rashly. (LINK)

Conclusion – is the prevention of sore nipples of a guarantee equivalent?


When it comes despite the attention of points according to best knowledge and the best available Guide to pain, you can be sure, that it will be useful, finally to find out the cause. And this includes additional advice on breast-feedingto take advantage.

So run your nursing home, faster to the wonderful experience you’d expect.

The best from the first breastfeed.

Because Yes, it is possible absolutely hurme – and painless to breastfeeding, even if the baby wants to be breastfed ‘incredibly frequently’.

That was the experience of a wonderful mother, whom I had met in the pregnancy. She had prepared very well on the lactation and went closer still with an inner peace to breastfeeding.

She had the opportunity to watch taken other mothers in breastfeeding and knew their stuff.

Despite all prophecies of doom from experienced colleagues, who had rather expected weeks of pain and tears in the red-haired woman’s light-skinned, Sun-sensitive skin.

Therefore, today all the more, I recommend you to give friends an intensive preparation for the lactation.

Completely regardless of whether you books and blogs makes use, whether you are visiting nursing groups meeting in pregnancy, or whether you yourself together on the journey with me.

I help you prepare for your breastfeeding very personally.