Tested: Shaving Foam for Maximum Comfort of the Natura Man

After testing the line haircare products from Natura Man, the time has come to try out the Shaving Foam for Maximum Comfort and to know if the results will be as positive as the line quoted above (see here for a evaluation).

Tested Shaving Foam for Maximum Comfort of the Natura Man

Soon face a positive point: I made a request on the site of Natura in a day, during the afternoon, and the delivery was made on the other in the morning! Receive the product with this speed can be a differentiator at the time of purchase, especially if you can’t go days and days waiting for your request.

The shaving foam comes in a pack spray that requires the control to trigger it, since a squeezing the breast fast already releases a large amount of the product, or at least enough to make the beard, since the foam is voluminous and spreads well by face.

The fragrance is very similar to the rest of the product line Natura Man (presents the stripe blue), very masculine and smooth after I rinsed the face and completed the operation.

But what matters even to us men, is the ease and smoothness when passing the blade, and in these areas the Shaving Foam for Maximum Comfort if it came out very well, not requiring any type of additional product to soothe the skin. However, it is not the type of product to the beard indicated for those who need to stylize the court, since its thick foam makes it difficult to accurate visualization of the area hit by the blade, I believe that in this case a gel would be more indicated.

The Shaving Foam for Maximum Comfort of the Natura Man is indicated for all skin type, has as active ingredient the menthol, causing a refreshing feeling, and its formulation promises to leave a protective film on the skin, leaving it smoother and with less irritation.

The cost/benefit of the product is good, because it delivers a shave closely and without irritation by R$31,90, a value well within the average of the national products with the same effectiveness and some even a bit lower or with a scent not so pleasant, in addition, the amount required to cover the skin is not exaggerated and makes it seem to last for quite a long time.