Ten Languages of Programming to Break out The Box But That Work (More or Less)

I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle – Fatal error: Number or Type of the parameters are wrong

There’s more programming languages to water bottles. Have them low or high level, declarative, procedural,…, object-oriented and we have called esoteric languages, peculiar very basic syntax and languages reduced alphabets that almost look like a trolleada of its creators (although they tend to be Turing complete, eye). In this article you have between hands we will list and review ten of these esoteric languages for your entertainment pleasure, wonder and amazement.


And of course, if we talk about that esoteric languages sound to trolleada, nothing better to start this tour with Trollscript. It is a dialect of the popular Brainfuck (which also will talk about), is installed as a Ruby gem and has a syntax as simple as the following:

  • OOo – increases the pointer data to the next cell to the right
  • OOL – decremented pointer data to the next cell to the left
  • OLO – incremented by one the byte pointer
  • OLL – decreases by one the byte pointer
  • Loo – out the ASCII value of the targeted cell
  • lol – accepts an input byte by saving its value in the targeted cell
  • llo – if the byte is zero, skips forward to find the next match
  • LLL – if the byte is zero, jump backwards until you find the next match

Scripts begin with ORT and end with ll. That said, so would be a Hello world! in Trollscript:

A curiosity: this Trollscript has a “Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License” license. EPIC.

More info | Trollscript, a programming language for Trolls


The father of Trollscript and many others was designed by Urban Müller in 1993 based on the Turing machine and since has been living up to its name and jodiendo brains. It has only 8 instructions for single-character each:

  • “>”-Increases the pointer.