Tech Giants Meet with Obama

Attention to the NSA and new health site gets now Obama to meet with tech-companies ‘ top officials.

For a week or so ago were American NSA once again in the spotlight, as tech giants had had enough, and sent out a letter that was supposed to catch the Government’s attention.

In addition, Obama’s talked-about sundhedspoltik, and associated website our site, now reportedly created the meeting between the President and executives from leading technology companies.

Several items on the agenda
The meeting which kicks off today, comes a day after a judge has agreed that the so-called “NSA phone data collection program” violates the U.S. Constitution.

The White House announced yesterday “Tomorrow will President Obama meeting with directors from the leading tech companies, to discuss progress with both total capacity and performance of the our site, and how the Government can better deliver IT solutions that promote innovation”

“The meeting must also deal with the American security, and the economic impacts which comes of unauthorized information. Last but not least, the President will discuss how his administration might go along with the tech-sector, to boost economy, create jobs and solve the problems of inequality of income and social mobility ”

Among companies that are expected to attend the meeting include Apple, Twitter, Netflix, Dropbox, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, AT & T, LinkedIn, Yahoo and more.

Then time will tell whether tech companies really can stand together to fight for a common cause.