Team Lotto NL Jumbo Cycling

As of 2015 Dutch Lotto is the title sponsor of the former Team Belkin. The name of the new team is TEAMLottoNL. Which riders will ride in 2015 for this team? What games will push the team and what are the main goals? Who are the leaders of the team? What are the team leaders and managers of TEAMLottoNL? Which companies are, in addition to De Lotto, the sponsor of the cycling team? How the story of this group look like?


Actually, the origin of this law in 1983. During the cycling season ended in January Raas, at that time one of the best drivers in the world, to leave the team begins with Peter Post and own team.As of 1984 Raas was the leader of his own team, which was sponsored by the Quantum Hall and Yoko.
In the spring of 1984 Raas had a big crash times Milan-San Remo. After this, he still returned as a rider, but the back injury he had kept from the fall was so heavy that he could never get his old level. January Raas decided in May 1985 to terminate his bike career. He moved almost immediately from the saddle of his bike to the seat of the team car: in June, he was coach of Quantum team.
In the following years, Jan Raas was the coach of this team, as amended several times by the sponsors: 1987 Superconfex denaamsponsor, 1990-1992 this team called Buckler team, 1993 and 1994 was named team WordPerfect and 1995, the team was called Novell.

Starting with the 1996 season, Rabobank was the main sponsor of the team by Jan Raas. Rabobank had ambitious plans. They wanted the Dutch cycling, where it went pretty bad with it, shoot up again over the course of nations.Therefore, there were many other projects and groups established alongside the professional team as a junior, a junior team, Rabo Ardennes Pilot, and so on. All these groups and projects together with the name “The Rabobank Cycling Plan. January Raas became head of the bicycle plan. The daily work as a group leader in the trailer for the professional team he usually left to Theo de Rooy, Adrie van Houwelingen and Joop Zoetemelk.

Raas leave Rabobank 
In late 2003, but came to a split between Rabobank and Jan Raas. Theo de Rooy took Raas from 2004 on as manager. After the Rasmussen affair de Rooy left the team, he was succeeded by interim manager Henri van der Aat, which since 1 March , 2008 was succeeded by Harold Knebel. in autumn 2012, the Rabobank, due to the many doping scandals that came at the time in the media, to stop as the title sponsor. Since the contract still went through with the plow and the bank has not committed a breach of contract, remained Rabobank in the background , team finances still two years, but the team did not get the Rabobank Pro Cycling team is called more and therefore received the temporary name Blanco Pro Cycling.

Summer of 2013, a new title sponsor of the cycling team found: Transporthint. This American company remained a half years, the title sponsor of the team. In 2014, however, Belkin announced they would not renew the contract. When Belkin announced the summer of 2014 that they would not continue the sponsorship in 2015, many feared that this could mean the end of the cycling team.
Lotto and brand loyalty rescue team
during the 2014 Tour de France was announced that the Dutch Lotto and brand loyalty wanted to save the previous Belkin team. It was at that time signed a contract. Then signed the official sponsorship agreement September 29, 2014.

Sponsorer: TEAMLottoNL-Jumbo

The Dutch Lotto becomes the main sponsor TEAMLottoNL. De Lotto has signed a contract for two years. To avoid confusion with existing Lotto team have come up with the name TEAMLottoNL. In October 2014 it was announced that the Jumbo Supermarkets, was the second major sponsor of the team known as the cycling team were: TEAMLottoNL-jumbo. During the sponsors of the team include brand loyalty and the legendary Italian bike manufacturer Bianchi.

Coach and Management

Richard Plugge, former editor of NUsport and bicycle, and former head of Team Blanco and Belkin will head TEAMLottoNL 2015. Team leader for this team is Nico Verhoeven, Frans Maassen, Merijn Zeeman, Erik Dekker and Jan Boven.

Riders TEAMLottoNL 2014

Here is a list of cyclists who have a contract with TEAMLottoNL 2015. This list will be updated regularly. Most riders from Team Belkin. When riders from other teams, stated which team they originate.
Team Composition:

  • Asbroeck, Tom-Topsport Vlaanderen
  • BENNETT George Cannon
  • Robert Gesink
  • GOOS Marc
  • Hofland Moreno
  • KEIZER Martijn
  • Wilco Kelderman
  • Steven Kruijswijk
  • Tom Leezer
  • Bert-Jan Lindeman – Rabobank development team
  • MARKUS Barry
  • Paul MARTENS
  • Bram Tankink
  • DAM Laurens Tio
  • Maarten Tjallingii
  • Ostra Nick van der
  • Jos van Emden
  • Roosen Timo – Rabobank development team
  • Teunissen, Mike – Rabobank development team
  • VANMARCKE September
  • WEATHER Kevin de-Omega Pharma-Quick Step
  • Wynants Maarten

Programs, Events

TEAMLottoNL 2015 will have a World Tour license, and therefore all competitions ride that counts the UCI World Tour. The main goals of the team’s Tour de France and the spring classics.

Skating Team TEAMLottoNL

There is also an ice skating occurs which will also carry the name TEAMLottoNL and also sponsored by both the Dutch and the Lotto brand loyalty. This is the former Fire Loyalty squad Jac Orie. During the winter in sight as the main sponsor of a topschaatsploeg and the rest of the year as the main sponsor of a topwielerploeg want the Dutch Lotto even more than before himself as lottery that support the Dutch sport.