Taylor Swift Red Carpet Fashion Awards

RDD Fashion Police: The best and worst dressed at the EMA 2012. Chi won occurring with the best look?

Frankfurt, Germany, Europe. Every now and then it happens that the Earth’s axis is decentralized and that it is the American stars, the celebs, to come here with us, in the Old Continent.

You do not know what we’re talking about? But where you live! Sunday, in what was once the city of Heidi (one of the goats, not Klum ed), took place the EMA that is, the European Music Award i n which in theory should have been awarded the European artists, these strangers, and in fact it is He spoke only of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and PSY.

Having said that we come to what, when there is a red carpet, it’s the only thing that could be of interest to us: What was he wearing X, where x stands for anyone who in recent months have distinguished themselves in any way overseas (We said in any way and then Kim Kardashian also can include).

We start subitissimo with her, the presenter: the blonde Heidi (this time) Klum.
Heidi to walk the red carpet decided to sew the dress alone, taking a cue from Xena , the warrior princess is right, rumors say that it was Donatella Versace to help her sew this pretty shoulder teal with gold inserts. The style actually is unmistakable, crotch gap that even Belèn and maxi neckline. Heidi us like feminine and sophisticated! Back to you! Rated 4.

We continue with the queen of fake nails bare and bonnets, in short, you understand: Lana del Rey! She wore a dark blue robe Shareen model grandmother. What to say? We love the buttery forms of Lana but dear Shereen because you gave her just a satin dress that would highlight also that single, solitary gram of fat on the body of Victoria Beckham? Vote 5.

And we come to her, she shared with Lana has almost nothing except buttery forms, she was … he did … so Kim Kardashian.  Kim was there, but it should be? and it was wrapped in a black suit Stephane Rolland. But we describe the dress in more detail: he had a tulle tail, but the dress was short with a pailettata skirt and the usual huge cleavage, the usual, marcatissimo, smokie eye and the usual ponytail. Kim So we understand that you love to show your forms and we adore you, because here in Italy we have given birth to Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci, but please try to value them differently! Rated 4.
We turn to those, however, he managed to choose the right outfit, a difficult task, it seems, even if all you have so much money that you can buy everything you see (oooh, the dream of all we commonplace mortals!). The first is you, the winner of three awards in one evening, Taylor Swift , the queen of the country, the boccolosi hair, cowboy boots and plaid shirts that, for some ‘time now, has decided to teleport in the XXI century (finally!) and adapt to the times. Yes, it is made ​​the fringe and used the plate for the first time in his life. Taylor was wearing a long dress and pearl-colored J.Mendel was ethereal and beautiful, in short, there will have been a reason why he won the award for Best Look. Transparencies and geometric designs have enhanced her figure and beautiful complexion. So Taylor you liked you. Rating 8!

Last, but not least: Alicia Keys . She is an institution of music and know we can not joke about it! Alicia wore a Stella McCartney black and green very style sheath dress Blake Lively, with geometric designs that emphasized its forms fine. Even here some transparencies and then the Repossi collar that highlighted the beautiful amber face, to complete the red lipstick made ​​her sexy and sophisticated. The hairstyle is unusual but we like the same because it highlights her beautiful features. Rate 9.

These are the stars that we liked the most and the ones that we liked less, among many present at the EMA, but in the end who was the absolute best dressed ? Well maybe PSY, elegant in its nail sbrilluccicante with blue inserts. To date we have finished, the next red carpet!