A Tarptent, as the name suggests, is a combination of tarp and tent. In doing so, the advantages of both designs are used. Tarptents are usually single-walled constructions, which would go well and gladly also as Tarp. However, they have a sewn in basin and firmly sewn walls of mesh fabric.

This connects the openness and good ventilation of a Tarps with the protection from insects and other reptiles, which is usually only used by a tent. Many Tarptens also have a small apside in which you can keep your luggage protected from the weather.

Advantages Of Tarptents

Low weight for a complete all-round protection, since you do not need a separate inner tent.

Excellent ventilation, which only with a Tarp even better. This results in a lower susceptibility to condensation.

Quick and uncomplicated construction.

Low pack size for complete protection

Many models are built with the trekking sticks, which saves extra weight.

Protection for vermin.

Disadvantages Of Tarptents

There is no external or internal tent that could be built separately, to have a clear view of the starry sky.

Tarptents can usually be tied down to the ground to prevent unintended wind in the inner. However, because of their openness, most models tend to be a little faster and cooler in the interior than in a double-wall tent, for example.

Many models have to be imported from overseas because they are difficult to obtain in Europe.

Most tarptents are not free and require several pegs. So you need a suitable base or stones for weighting.

Tarptent By Henry Shires

I would like to take a closer look at the Cottage Tarptent of Henry Shires. Because no other company has so far contributed to spread the Tarptens as the one of Henry. A few years ago, the models were mainly classic tarptents as described above. But in the last few years, Henry has expanded the product range sensibly. In addition to freestanding tarptents, there are now incredibly light double-walled tents, which still have something of a tarptent. If you like this mixture, you should out site. Also, I wrote some time ago a review to the Tarptent Contrail.