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How to Start a Children’s Summer Camp

Camping is a big part of the style of travel for many young families. However, if you want to go to the tent for the first time, and the children are still small is good to have a plan and some guidelines on which to manage. Here, some of the important things that you must comply if you have children camping:

How much should you spend?

First things first, which determines enjoyment rest is your budget? Prices for family size tents vary wildly. If only schedule used air conditioning or go casual summer weekend camping can rent from a friend as the first attempt.

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Collection NeroGiardini for 2016

The autumn-winter collection 2015/2016 of NeroGiardini offers shoes, apparel, accessories and handbags designed for a casual woman, yet chic.
What happens when the quality and comfort meet the elegance? We have the Fall-Winter 2015/2016 of NeroGiardini. The brand of shoes, but also clothing and accessories made ​​in Italy,  recognizable by the Italian flag you see on his creations for this season offers a rose-rich proposals of style and at the same time sober, that follow the trends of the moment.

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