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Social Life, The Short What You Help to Remember That The Postureo Can Be Finished with Your Real Life

We already have another YouTube video (sorry, award-winning short in several festivals) to share on our wall of Facebook, tweet, retuitear, favear and give it to ‘like’. Speaks of “a woman named Meredith who lives life has always wanted… online.” That says its creator, Kerith Lemon. We are going to like and we are going to spread because we will offer a small chance of making us feel superior This non-existent girl because we certainly, We are not like her. Continue reading

Threat to YouTube? Facebook Reaches 8 Billion Video Views Per Day

On Wednesday (4), the Facebook announced some impressive numbers. The number of monthly active users on the social network reached 1.55 billion, a 14% increase over the previous month, and that at least 1 billion people enter the social network  every day .It’s a lot of people – about  half of the public who have access to the internet.


Their services also grew: in three months, Instagram and WhatsApp gained 100 million users, reaching 400 million and 900 million, respectively. However, another number stands out: the 8 billion “views” daily that the videos posted on Facebook receive. Not a number to despise. But is it all that?

That depends on what you consider a preview. For Facebook, if someone was more than three seconds in a video is already a view to tell. The YouTube is more stringent: the user must be 30 seconds watching the video to tell a preview. Whereas Facebook also enable the autoplay option by default, any scroll the timeline can register a view to more – and this is important for advertisers.

I do not know you, but my timeline is increasingly full of videos, published by news pages, companies and friends. The Facebook algorithm started to show more of that content, which encourages the pages to publish (and advertise) more videos to increase your organic range.

It is important to note that 65% of views these videos happen in the cell – which also has autoplay. A brand can, for example, announce your application with an awareness video and content that appear just at the beginning of the timeline (this often happens in my feed). Undoubtedly, draws more attention than a picture, and for paying can be much more advantageous to advertise on YouTube.

Using the force that your timeline is, to bring about significant traffic to sites that depend on the social network to have audience, Facebook realized how you can get a large share of the market of sponsored videos. Is a trailer for a movie, game, application, or even a television commercial, paying enough, the range is huge. For videos, there is the content of the bonus draw more attention (the autoplay also helps).

However, YouTube continues reference to the content producers. Although some publish the videos also on Facebook, the social network not yet consolidated its video platform. Many breeders have problem with freebooting, in which the video copyright was taken from another platform and sent to Facebook by someone else, infringing copyright.

Still, even before reaching 8 billion “views” daily, Facebook began to mobilize. Since analyze how users behave watching a video to create a revenue sharing system from the videos with content creators, the social network continues to show that it has thepotential to develop a more solid platform.

A little less than a month, Facebook began testing new video formats on iOS. To scroll through the timeline and watch a video – now playing – the user can view videos related sliding down. If you’re watching a cheesecake recipe, Facebook can show you how to make brownies next. And the best: You can also navigate the timeline to watch a video.

With a tab dedicated to videos, social network also intends to provide more relevant content to users, whether shared by pages tanned by friends or even selected by own algorithm Facebook. The social network also said it was working with content producers to create management tools of the videos.

So it should not take long for Facebook to consolidate a high-quality video content.”There is a certain class of content that will only come to Facebook if there is a way to compensate content producers for that,” signaled Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of social network, the announcement of third-quarter earnings.

However, the revenue share would be limited to the suggested videos, and not to those published directly in the news feed. It would be like an exclusive section constructed by a similar algorithm videos and announcements, as explained by Re / code. The division’s revenue would be based on how much video time you watched, getting 55% with the creator and 45% for Facebook.

Anyway, it will be a challenge for the social network to get as much relevance in the video market as YouTube. Facebook has half a billion users and over 8 billion “views” are impressive, but it is still not a major threat. Perhaps in the not so distant future.

What do you think? Facebook can build a video platform with the creators, as solid as YouTube?


Minister of the Supreme Suspended Fine for Video Account on YouTube

Remember that the candidate Paula Netinho obtained a court decision forced the Google to take down a video allegedly offensive YouTube? Today the Minister Gilmar Mendes, the Supreme Court issued an injunction suspending the earlier decision. Therefore, Google is not required – for now – to pay $ 50,000 plus US $ 10 000 daily while the video was not removed. Google’s office claimed that the decision could block “considerable amount” of their heritage.


Samsung Commits Big Mistake in S4 Case

A customer, if S4 caught fire during charging, will not be thrown off balance by the large technology company.

The case starts, since Youtube user GhostlyRich throw a video on Google-service of his Samsung Galaxy S4, which by night load is shorted.

Just had to have swapped
The device was, fortunately, not exploded, but clearly fired at ladestikket. There was therefore a bug in the product, which should only be exchanged immediately. Continue reading