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How To Wear Jeans To Work

When it comes to jeans to work the men who should be in Office always dressed formally already panic and the first idea that comes to mind is them not to wear denim at work in any way.

But it’s not like that, with the exception of professions with extremely strict dress code (case of judges and lawyers, for example), leave the routine and change the slacks for a pair of jeans can be a good one. Continue reading

Are Brooches in Style 2016

Already last year, the small pin-ups and fashionable brooches were coveted must-haves. This year the trend continues even further. I am particularly pleased, because they are simply wonderful eyecatcher. They have different designs-from one flower to the star or sweet Cherry, a brooch of any shape. Of course You can also dig out Grandma’s baby. The most elegant and glittering brooches from yesteryear make particularly in retro or stylish plus size outfits are the icing on the cake.

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Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

Fringes, denim, pastel, overalls, long afternoon and bag-to-back: you will not escape! The trendiest products of the season began invading shop windows and intend to squat until the end of the summer!

Fashion may well be an eternal, every season, it comes with a lot of new products and that give furiously envy even that was not paying attention to a few weeks earlier! The most incredible example? The skirt! Admit it, who really want to “impose” that old childhood memory? Yet, by dint of the cross in the shops and in the pages of magazines, our eyes get used and you wake up one day with this weird desire to rethread a culotte skirt … But rest assured, this is the the most extreme example of the season.

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How to Dress for the Holidays?

In celebration of the holiday season, a tradition that we all put on our 31 stuck for ideas to find the right outfit for this holiday season? You get some fashion tips for choosing the clothes that will accompany you to the end of the night.

A Holding Bling Parties … But Not Too Much!

So you can safely venture a brilliant festivals held at will, to bring the little festive side.However, be careful not to overdo it! Choose one piece sequined such a high neckline to emphasize your curves, and bet on sobriety for the rest of your outfit. So you can combine a nice glittery top with black trousers simple, or even jeans and a plain jacket and close-fitting. Remember, of course, the pair of heeled shoes to enhance your look!

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Fashion Tips for Winter 2016

Having style is a matter of “touch”. Our advice to create his touch.

1 – The Long Gloves

How fortunate not to feel the cold wind rush under our sleeves and freeze our forearms … It could be a good reason to wear long gloves, but first, it’s just that it’s ultra- trend! “The gesture that accompanies it is crucial. That puts it or you take it off, that the buttoned or unbuttoned patiently, it induces a tour of graceful and feminine hand,” says besides the world in its history of the glove. But the supreme elegance, but also to break the … by threading them with a shirt or sweater/sweatshirt over-size! It is cowardly, it dares all.

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Essentials for Fall Winter Wardrobe

To not end up lacking the first kiss, here are 10 essential fashion trendy spotted the ready-to-wear fashion shows fall-winter 2016-2017.

The designers set the tone. The fall-winter 2016-2017 will also seventies that this summer with ponchos, the sheepskin and shades that feel the flower power (golden yellow, orange, camel. ..). Add to that a spirit of advanced sixties (line skirt and little coats to large tiles), a blow of wind sailor (and navy pea coat) and a hint of glamour with black velvet, you have the ambience mode season.

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What to Wear to the Beach Plus Size

Lush form – there is no reason scarves and sit under the umbrella of the whole vacation. Swimwear for women, if properly selected, well hides figure flaws and profitable emphasizes the benefits.

Beachwear for Obese Women

To begin with, a variety of clothing for large beach is not much different from the standard clothing for the figures. Annual bathing suit should be stylish and feminine curved shape and smooth. If you come to the store and plus-size-tips plus size swimwear for full AZU start looking shapeless clothes, stop and pay attention to the following details of the closet:

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