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Collection NeroGiardini for 2016

The autumn-winter collection 2015/2016 of NeroGiardini offers shoes, apparel, accessories and handbags designed for a casual woman, yet chic.
What happens when the quality and comfort meet the elegance? We have the Fall-Winter 2015/2016 of NeroGiardini. The brand of shoes, but also clothing and accessories made ​​in Italy,  recognizable by the Italian flag you see on his creations for this season offers a rose-rich proposals of style and at the same time sober, that follow the trends of the moment.

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How to Dress for Rainy Cold Weather

The rain puts us in crisis if we want to be nice. Here are some little tricks to be beautiful even when the weather is bad!

For many of us the rain is a worry, because it makes it difficult to dress well without dunking ruinously.

When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, we have to go to the beach or in the mountains, at work or school, it seems easy to find the right outfit.

But what to wear when it rains? Discover now what are the must-have items for not renouncing to be fashionable even when the weather is bad!

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13 Most Common Fashion Mistakes

ll you always say “you did oldest!”: Run for cover immediately and show your true age! Because none of us wants to feel old before their time…

Tired of hearing you say that you look older than your age?

Find out right away because everyone thinks that about you.

Probably you are making mistakes in the look and make-up, which does not do justice to your beauty, but rather accentuate your flaws.

It’s time to update your image and prove to everyone that you are beautiful despite the passing years!

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How to Keep Mice out of Camp

Camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends. When not in use, pop-up campers to help us enjoy our forest adventure must be stored properly. Improper storage of pop – up camper can lead to shortening life expectancy for shelter and even worse, mice infestation. Rodents will see pop-up as a place to wait for cold weather, while the trailer sits in the garage or shed or outdoors. With a few steps, protection pop-up camper can be a simple, cost – effective and quick to make.

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Is Houndstooth in Style

Houndstooth is the most chic plot ever in the textile and fashionable world. And challenge by getting great class, the invasion of studs and accessories rock from the soul.
Fall 2012 season of studs, rock chic nails, tortoiseshell glasses and sophisticated nude makeup, then how could miss the plot (tailoring, of course) most chic among existing ones?
What are we talking about? But the pied de poule , literally crow’s feet  because the texture vaguely reminiscent of the paw of a cheery chicken.

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Carolina Herrera Is Moving to the Rhythm of the Water

During the parade of corresponding to the collection autumn-winter 2015 Carolina Herrera presented during the Fashion Week New York the designer seemed to feel in their element, like a fish in the water, doing what best knows, that is design. Everything you saw on the runway seemed to fluctuate by the grace of a series of waves, which reminded the waves of the sea, which seemed to move on the surface of different fabrics ranging from wool to the chiffon or silk. Continue reading