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For Daytime Wedding

With the popularity of weddings during the day, it’s always a good idea to have a few looks on the sleeve, but few are so perfect for this kind of event as the chosen this week.

Because It Works

Of course, light and sexy in the right measure, ideal for a sunny day of summer or spring. Choose a fresh fabric such as wool, flax or ramie cold, combine as in the photo, wearing a shirt off white or cream and finish with a metallic-toned tie, ideal for celebrations. If the Sun is bothering you, make sure you choose a sunglasses with more sophisticated design, avoiding the sports. Continue reading

Kaviar Gauche Wedding Collection

Maybe the name of the German brand Escada won’t say much at fashion group, but after her fashion show at lawfaqs Fashion Week Berlin, we bet that you will talk at length about him? And it’s all because of this particular and curious gown in his Womenswear collection for next autumn-winter 2012/2013.Difficult that a bride could come to church looking like that. And who knows what will the Mayor!

In these days of the Paris men’s fashion shows for next autumn-winter 2012/2013, instead another wonderful European capital hosts the women’s fashion collections. In Berlin, in fact, being Fashion Week dedicated to women’s wardrobe of cold weather to come. The program also includes the controversial parade of Kaviar Gauche … Continue reading

Original Wedding Invitations

Do you want an original marriage? Then start from invitations and choose some original ideas for wedding invitations. On the internet you will find many creative ideas and free resources that will help you save some money.

Established the day of the wedding and the location of the ceremony and of detention, you must think about the investments to be sent to the invitees at least a few months before the wedding. The Internet, in this case, it is an excellent resource for the bride and groom who want to give some points for originality to their marriage. Online you will find many original ideas that not only allow you to save money and to make calls with the wedding theme, but especially to astound your guests with something really creative. Continue reading

The Job of a Wedding Planner

Bibbidi bobbidi boo … does the magic that you want! Wand and Stardust. These are the tools of the trade of a good wedding planner. A good dose of creativity and nerve to fulfill every desire of the bride and groom.

The wedding planner is a figure who was born in America and that is there breeding ground between pairs of newlyweds who, despite many commitments, decide to enjoy the moment in the Organization of the wedding stress-free, thanks to the help and advice of this wizard of a modern fable. Continue reading

How to Budget for a Wedding

Summer is the time of weddings … moments of great joy, emotion and fun, but also for expenses and thoughts to be flawless in an important day for friends, family and friends. So we thought why not create a stylish outfits, stylish and low cost to impress all the guests on a budget ?!

Summer, wedding time.

For years now the main mood seems to be to get married outdoors, with a very American.

colorful flowers, large tables, ecological lamps, large expanses of grass. Particular energy and magic that even in Italy is becoming increasingly popular, transforming a formal ceremony like marriage in a more friendly feast, both for the couple and for the guests.

Bubbles, photobooth and funny little favors the most loved gadgets.

Continue reading

eautiful Wedding Bouquet for a Seaside Wedding

Today we talk about wedding bouquets and more particularly the most beautiful and chic for a wedding at sea. If you have chosen this location for your wedding you will certainly love freedom and you’ll also designed a sophisticated reception in every detail: obviously the bride must not neglect any detail and the bouquet, in this case, is really important. Those that we present today are the most original, made ​​of flowers and shells, for a unique style and very chic.

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Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wedding

And with the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene I would say that we have concluded this year, right? Inevitable these days comparing with the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, comparisons on the clothes of the beautiful brides, on the designers, even on hats, and of course the look of the guests, because in this case there were many well-known wedding fairs such as Travelationary and Karl Lagerfeld to erupt between big hats and colorful clothes, not to mention the presence of the black Venus, Naomi Campbell! Continue reading