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Flashlight Headlamp Bike Rechargeable Led Helmet 6007

The HY-6007 Headlight is ideal for mountaineering, camping or repairs, leaving your hands free for activity, but it can also be used on your bike, to light the way. Using state-of-the-art technology, it features sophisticated Cree Led XML T6, the highest performance and lightest Led light in the market, 20% more efficient than Cree Q5 or Cree MCE, consumes only 15% of a common lamp and has a up to 100,000 hours. With the aluminum body, the HY-6007 Headlight is resistant to water, mud, rain and shocks. Continue reading

This Week’s Klockklassiker-Seiko Diver

This series has largely been about the exclusive, exotic and often slightly more expensive. But what that might involve the most and most among Bell nerds are often the simple, affordable and, not least, lättmekad. Perhaps the clearest example is Beth diving models, which gathers many loyal enthusiasts and a small industry built around himself for modifications. Continue reading

Monster Launches Sports Earphones and Waterproof Sound Box

Monster introduced its new iSport Wireless headset at CES 2015 .The model released this Monday (5) promises to be a good choice for those who want to play sports without having to be tethered while listening to music.Other news of the company were the portable sound box Superstar Black, which reproduces even dipped in water, and devices aimed at the domestic use. Continue reading

Games, Music and Sports: See Tips for Choosing Ideal Headset

The headset is practical for those who enjoy privacy and greater immersion.In Brazil, the user will find several models, one for each style.Likes sports?So maybe it’s worth investing in a waterproof and sweat-proof device.As for game fans, headphones with large shells and extra features can give the game a head start.3D audio offers a distinctive touch for anyone who likes music or wants more complete audio. Continue reading

How to Stop Your Tent from Leaking

No matter how well built tent or claims made ​​by the manufacturer, tents leak. Most modern tents are double – seamed and coverage of seam sealer is applied to seams to keep rain from entering the seam. During use, these coatings may deteriorate and allow water to penetrate inches annual maintenance of these seams with new coating of seam sealer or applying seam tape allows the tent to keep his time waterproofing.

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Pebble Watch Customizable Faces

The next generation of Pebble will be more elegant and personalized by you than their predecessors

Pebble being left behind now that large companies are beginning to bet on the smartwatch market, so the company seems to already preparing to present the next generation of its smart watch. Although we have not yet any details about how it might look next Pebble, the evangelist authentic brand Jire Myriam has shared some details about what developments can we expect from this particular smartwatch

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How to Dress for Rainy Cold Weather

The rain puts us in crisis if we want to be nice. Here are some little tricks to be beautiful even when the weather is bad!

For many of us the rain is a worry, because it makes it difficult to dress well without dunking ruinously.

When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, we have to go to the beach or in the mountains, at work or school, it seems easy to find the right outfit.

But what to wear when it rains? Discover now what are the must-have items for not renouncing to be fashionable even when the weather is bad!

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Fashion Trend Casual Wear

What shall we wear for spring/summer 2016? The casual wear is various proposed by the big chains and department stores you could easily lose and confuse: make no mistake purchases, discover all the trends of the season, the must-have items and what you can pick out of the closet!

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Big Fish Kingdom Tales

Now I begin to understand why it is called sports fishing. In the morning, the aches in the body. Above all in the shoulders, calves, forearms, even in the toes of muscle soreness. Yet I long again, it’s a nice feeling.

Fishing guide John has spoken very well on a long trip to storskalten. A foundation that is little more than an hour’s journey from the country. Normally, this is something everyone is really tagged on. But just this week, we are only ten guests here. That means three boats. And all who come here have their own plans and expectations.
To make a long trip, we need to be at least two boats, if something should happen, you can quickly call the other boat over the radio. But one group is right tired after yesterday’s long ride and great fishing and the other group has their plans. So it does not look so promising for a trip to storskalten. But Johan spirits up, there are big fish too close to land. But it is possible to discern a certain disappointment when he says it is a shame for looking at storskalten we would see a “real Söröyafiske.”
We are happy no matter what, we have an incredible fishing anyway. And we dream most of the flounder and getting catch some kinds of fish. And maybe take a cod of 20 +…

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Kreyos Meteor Waterproof Smart Watch

Kreyos raised half a million dollars in a campaign of crowdfunding and is not able to give the time of day

Lately we are seeing many new projects smartwatch are being advertised through campaigns crowdfunding, ie, all those platforms through which developers can present their idea to the users and they can subsidize through their contributions. Currently there are many sites for such campaigns: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Ulule, Verkami, among others.

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