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Men’s Style In The World

Comparing the photo galleries of Milan, New York and London with that of Paris found a style more sober about the colors and bolder in terms of modeling and combination of the pieces than one might expect. The Parisian doesn’t seem to care much about the next set silhouette dominating the men’s fashion in the last decade, since their clothes show personality and style. Continue reading

LED Wrist Watch

A LED wrist watch is a watch that shows the time using high brightness LEDs. According to the used encoding, there are two types of LED watches, indicating the standard time in the conventional format HH: mm: SS, in such a way that use LEDs to compose each one of the 6 digits, and binary LED watches, which show the hour using the binary number system instead of the classic decimal system. Continue reading

Pebble Watch Customizable Faces

The next generation of Pebble will be more elegant and personalized by you than their predecessors

Pebble being left behind now that large companies are beginning to bet on the smartwatch market, so the company seems to already preparing to present the next generation of its smart watch. Although we have not yet any details about how it might look next Pebble, the evangelist authentic brand Jire Myriam has shared some details about what developments can we expect from this particular smartwatch

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Smartwatch Instead of Smartphone

This fun idea teaches us what we could do with a smartwatch if your mobile phone is broken

Today we bring you a funny story to liven up this Saturday afternoon. Is neither more nor less than a cartoon that shows the use that could give current smartwatch if our phone stopped working. Of course, do not even think to try in your houses.

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Kreyos Meteor Waterproof Smart Watch

Kreyos raised half a million dollars in a campaign of crowdfunding and is not able to give the time of day

Lately we are seeing many new projects smartwatch are being advertised through campaigns crowdfunding, ie, all those platforms through which developers can present their idea to the users and they can subsidize through their contributions. Currently there are many sites for such campaigns: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Ulule, Verkami, among others.

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